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Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion & Press Conference at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019

4 Dec., 2019 | Jakarta, Indonesia –The ‘Taiwan: Your Intelligent Partner’ Press Conference at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019 will highlight the technological strengths of Taiwan’s smart manufacturing […]

Rely on Taiwan Machinery, This Company Boosts Sales Target in 2019

Jakarta, November 13, 2019 – Manufacturing machines from Taiwan are products that are in great demand by consumers in Indonesia. One of the companies that use […]

Taiwan Smart Solutions for Efficiency and Sustainability in the Plastics and Rubber Industry

The top-class panel discussion at the trade fair K in Düsseldorf demonstrated that international trends such as sustainability and smart manufacturing have also been incorporated as […]

KCM’s bar steel high-speed precision cutting machine has a fast cutting speed and high roundness is a good helper for valvetrain production

For more than 30 years, KUEI CHUAN CO., LTD., which specializes in the research and development of various types of metal cutting machines, has pioneered the development […]

Taiwan machine tool manufacturers’ unique secret On becoming the best partner for major global automotive brands

As business opportunities for intelligent manufacturing continue to expand, a revolution within the global manufacturing industry is just on the horizon. Of course, such a revolution […]

Taiwan’s machine tool industry embraces intelligent machinery Speeding up the implementation of intelligent manufacturing for the global automotive industry

The rise of Industry 4.0 has resulted in a wave of intelligent manufacturing systems. With the fast development of new technologies such as AI, 5G, IoT, […]

Over 230 Taiwan machinery makers show innovations at EMO Hannover

Hannover, Germany, Sept. 16 (CNA) More than 230 machinery manufacturers from Taiwan have demonstrated their innovations at the 2019 EMO Hanover, one of the leading trade […]

Taiwan exhibitors at EMO Hannover Machine Tool Show 2019, the third largest group of the participation, they are eager to get big orders

EMO Hannver, the world’s largest machine tool show, began in Hannover, Germany on Sept. 16th, TAMI chairman Mr. Pa-Hsi KO led a total of 206 Taiwanese […]

Design Tomorrow

Apply smart manufacturing capabilities to increase value-added outputs.

The purpose of smart machinery is to upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery and export the entire plant output.

Apply smart manufacturing capabilities to increase value-added outputs.
Upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery and export the entire plant output.
Intelligent, self-learning, and communicate with other machines and human operators to transmit data in real time
Encourage manufacturers to invest in smart machinery and to obtain tax credit for Smart Machinery R&D.
Utilize digital technology and integrate and integrate software and hardware equipment.

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