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Home Product ADVANTECH OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Solution
ADVANTECH OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Solution

OEE MIC770V2 Edge

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Under Industry 4.0, factories need to go through the process of digitalization so real-time management can satisfy the requests and requirements from different customers. Traditional manufacturing causes unnecessary waste in the production process, resulting in production inefficiency.

iFactory OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency management), monitors the real-time status of equipment and presents only the most important information such as production quality and ratios through data acquisition and dashboard presentation. Cloud platform / on-premise services enable managers to control on-site production information and management performance indicators from anywhere to fully optimize productivity.

• Improve Productivity: Unlock hidden production capacity, Increase machine availability, Maximize production output, Improve production value per employee.
• Reduce Loss: Minimize unplanned downtime, Reduce product defects, Eliminate process bottlenecks, Prevent unscheduled maintenance activities and costs.
• Increase Profit: Improve asset utilization, Shorten production lead time, Optimize product quality, Drive a culture of continuous improvement.


• Yield Optimization: Automatically captures best practices to improve equipment parameter and process adjustment for future operation.
• Output Increasing: Driven by the increased processing speed, every analysis can be done real time and improved with ML. 
• Operation Time Increasing: Monitor performance in real time and easily pull in custom metrics, via API with ML modeling to improve turn over. 

OEE Standard kit for 10 machines, OEE Professional kit for 100 machines
Edge Solution Ready Package-MIC770V2 i5 Edge(IFS-RTM-M770W4OEE)
OEE Licenses for 20 Machines, 2000 tags/5 sec, MIC770 V2 / i5 / 16G / SSD128G & HDD512G / Win10
Edge Solution Ready Package-MIC770V2 i7 Edge(IFS-RTM-M770W5OEE)
OEE Licenses for 50 Machines, 4000 tags/5 sec, MIC770 V2 / i7 / 32G / SSD128G & HDD1T / Win10