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Home Product MOXA Mxview Network Management Software
MOXA Mxview Network Management Software


Provided By

Moxa Inc.


Moxa’s industrial network management software offers visibility of operational technology (OT) that allows network operators to make more informed decisions throughout network deployment, maintenance, and diagnostics. Furthermore, MXview now supports the MXview Wireless module to extend this visibility to Wi-Fi networks, featuring dynamic topologies for at-a-glance monitoring and roaming playback for more efficient troubleshooting.

 Mxview Network Management Software

●Maximize System Uptime:MXview network management software provides real-time alerts when an event takes place on the network and NSnap takes a snapshot to help operators quickly identify the root cause of issues that occurred on the network.
●Visualize Network Status:MXview's new interface helps users easily integrate network management software into their existing systems such as SCADA via OPC DA tags or RESTful APIs.
●Manage Device Security:MXview and MXconfig provide visibility and control to enhance device security. Users can view the security status of devices at a glance and quickly enhance the security of their devices.