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Home Product ADVANTECH Predictive Maintenance System for Robotic Arm
ADVANTECH Predictive Maintenance System for Robotic Arm


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Most of the factories use fixed-cycle maintenance and manual inspection to ensure the stability of machine operation, but it is nearly impossible to avoid unexpected abnormal condition which leads to unplanned downtime and causes heavy losses. The predictive maintenance system for robotic arm can solve above pain points caused by non-transparent machine status and information transmission lags. By quantifying robotic arm's health status and providing early warning of abnormal condition, it ensures the stable operation of the robot arm, improves the efficiency of the production line, avoids product quality issue, and reduces the cost of unnecessary maintenance.


'• Provides real-time health status of robotic arms and detects early anomalies to avoid unexpected downtime. Remaining useful life predictions is also available under specific circurmstances.*
• With pre-trained AI model, once the device is connected to the robotic arm, the service will be ready after collecting data for a period of time and won't affect normal production.
• No need to install additional sensors** to reduse device and maintenance costs.

*The prediction results will be continuously adjusted according to the running status, and the results will be more accurate over time.
**Only available when the data quality collected from the controller meets the requirements.

Edge Solution Ready Package - MIC770V2 i7 Edge
MIC770 V2 / i7 / 32G / SSD128G & HDD1T / Win10