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Home Product FATEK IoT Solution
Provided By

FATEK Automation Corporation


FATEK IoT provides a simple, convenient and highly competitive IoT solution. It can quickly introduce IoT applications under the existing architecture, without the need of complete elimination of old devices or major equipment updates. Completely subvert the impression of that IoT installation is complex and expensive, and propose an approachable, practical and easy-to-use solution.

FATEK IoT throws away all the complicated network, firewall settings and IP problems, connecting remote devices , no matter when and where, simply and quickly only with an account and password.


FATEK IoT - iMonitor: Remote device data monitoring and control can be carried out, and data can be read and written through a browser or APP with a computer or mobile device; data logging tasks can also be set to collect production data and safely store in a cloud database for retrieval at any time ; various alarm tasks could be set to ensure that the situation can be grasped when an alarm occurs to minimize the damage; supports dynamic location tracking function, which can clearly display the real-time address and information of each device on the map. Through iMonitor, you can monitor the status and data of many devices scattered everywhere at a glance, and grasp the status of production and operation at all times.


FATEK IoT - iAccess: You can upload, download, update and maintain HMI projects. You can even perform project maintenance on PLCs of many brands through the HMI passthrough function with plentiful drivers; the screen monitoring function can project the screen of the device to a computer or mobile device, and can perform simultaneous monitoring and control with the field end, as if the device is close at hand.


No gateways and IoT modules are required: As long as you connect to the Internet, you can connect to the IoT, and there is no need for additional gateways or IoT modules.


Put aside the fixed IP and firewall: Even without fixed IP and facing complicated firewall or network environment, it can easily connect to the remote device quickly and easily.


Remote data monitoring: The data of remote devices can be easily and quickly monitored and controlled through computers or mobile devices.


Data log and cloud database: With data logging tasks, data can be safely stored in the cloud database for access at any time, and can also be used as a big data database.


Alarm tasks and notifications: A variety of different alarm conditions can be set. When the alarm is triggered, notifications can be sent to specific authorized users through APP, Email and SMS.


Remote project maintenance: You can easily upload and download projects and update device firmware, maintaining remote device projects is not a problem anymore.


Remote screen monitoring: Fully project the current actual screen of the device and even able to show the surveillance cameras screen. Real-time operations on all screens are accommodated, creating an ultra-real remote operation experience as if the device is right in front of you.