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Home Product Everising H-360NCIII
Everising H-360NCIII


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H-360NCIII fully-automatic column type bandsaw provides not only united and heavy-duty construction but also durability of production. Heavy-duty cast iron head and wheels designing capable to cut maximum 360mm always gives you good performance cutting. P.L.C. control for all electrical and hydraulic function allows you to have a consistent productive machine. Vise clamping system, saw frame lifting, down feed, and nesting fixture all control via a powerful hydraulic system. The blades are guided by tungsten carbide inserts and roller bearing offering rigidity and reducing vibration. Variable blade speed control by inverter and adjustable feed rate and feed pressure allowing the operators always have a perfect cut on different material and longer blade life. H-360NCIII model is one of the best saw in the market for the small or large shop.

1- Hydraulically controlled full stroke dual vise clamping system. 
2- Driven by IE3 motor with inverter (PMSM, Euate IE4) 
3- User friendly NC touch screen control with high-end system (NCIII CONTROL)
4- Downfeed speed shown on HMI (10" HMI screen) 

Cutting Capacity
360 mm (14”)
360 x 360 mm (14”H x 14”W)
Bundle Cutting
Width: 180 to 280 mm
Height: 50 to 160 mm
Blade size: 4420 x 34 x 1.1 mm
Blade speed: 20 – 100 M/min
Blade drive: 3.7 Kw (5 HP)
Hyd. Pump: 1.5 Kw (2 HP)
Coolant pump: 0.1 Kw (1/8 HP)