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Home Product Accutex GA-43AL Wire Cut EDM
Accutex GA-43AL Wire Cut EDM

Accutex GA-43AL

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Y-Axis is located on the base; X-Axis is located on the top of Y-Axis, which is suitable for the precision mold cutting with small/medium stroke. Machine structure is designed via Finite Element Analysis (FEA).Direct motor drive in X/Y axes with rigid body design as well as high servo response.

AccuteX &D team simplifies the generator and electric circuit to eliminate unnecessary power loss, and improve the cutting efficiency.

Irregular Thickness Cutting:The AccuteX intelligent discharge unit is capable of dealing with the changing conditions in work piece thickness and water flushing situations, featuring high cutting speed , and free from wire breaking problems.

According to different cutting data, the AccuteX controller automatically optimize parameters to maintain the best corner cutting performance with high accuracy, as well as cutting speed. Even on the small and continuous corners , accutex still can meet the best corner accuracy.


Core Remove Module
During Wire Cut EDM machining, by using the new-generation
flushing nozzle to remove the core automatically can reduce
human operation and increase productivity.

●Patented technology to remove core. Patent (No.1676513)
●Core Remove Module can fit together with existing machine.
●Final core collection box can setup easily on multi-positions.
●Integrated with CIMFORCE intelligent manuacturing system
    and robot to increase productivity.


Max. Workpiece Size L x W x H(mm)
880 x 630 x 215
Max. Workpiece Weight(kg)
Machine Weight (kg)
Footprint W x D x H (mm)
2209 x 2402 x 1994
X/Y/Z Stroke (mm)
400 x 300 x 220