Written by Miranda Tsai

The leading lubricating system supplier is located in Wuqi District, Taichung City that has been attending worldwide metalworking, woodworking, and rubber & plastics machinery exhibitions consistently in order to introduce its lubrication products for customers around the world. The company supplies 70% of its production to Taiwanese machinery manufacturers for their cutting machines, forming machines, woodworking equipments, and rubber & plastics machines and the rest of 30% is exported to Asia (China, Japan, Korea), South-East Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, etc. The management philosophy of the company’s president – Mr. Tsai Maolin is “Be the Best, not Be the Biggest!”

Quality Oriented

Due to the different industries’ demands for various lubricating products, Mr. Tsai’s team provide free consultation and offer customized lubrication system to meet the customers’ demands. Specialized in customizing and design is the company’s profession. “Centralized Lubrication Systems is a highly customized service industry business. Our company is a one-stop shop to offer customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location. Our customers can buy accessories, such as tubes, adapters, pressure switches, distributors and main products – lubricators are all in-house supported with solutions drawn for each request.” said Mr. Tsai. The company manufactures 70% production and has mostly standard goods in stock that can meet the customers’ immediate demand and shorten their waiting time. The efficiency is why Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers choose Mr. Tsai’s company as their main supplier.

Machine Equipment Applications

The company not only has agile manufacturing capability that increases the efficiency of production lines, but also has a professional team for customization design demands. With a complete range of lubricating products that supplies all the needs in various machinery industries that makes the company stay in a leading position of Centralized Lubrication System industry.
In CNC machines, although lathes and vertical centers look similar, the applications for lubrication are different. For example, small-sized lathes with 20~30 lubricating points that don’t need accurate discharge volume for each lubricating point, Mr. Tsai’s team recommends economical Resistance types lubrication system products for less cost. As for processing accuracy oriented CNC vertical machines, fixed volume Pressure-Relief type lubrication system products with pressure switch and oil level switch would be the one to meet its needs.
One of customization design projects is for the Precision Machinery components supplier which locates in Taichung Precision Machinery Park that Tsai’s team started from the preliminary sketch to a complete circulating lubrication system specifically for the customer’s linear lubrication. The idea of customization design is to bring more efficiency for the machines lubricating.

Accurate Oil Distribution and Product Reliability

Before delivering its products to the customers, the company has all its products tested for reliability. Providing One year warranty as guaranty to assure the quality. For the volume distributors, the accuracy volume of each discharge outlet should be the first digit after the decimal point within 15% range difference, and the accuracy volume of each discharge outlet should be second digit after the decimal point within 20 to 25% range difference. The basic reliability standard test for volume distributors is 100 thousand times of discharging operation.

Full lubricating system provides machine protection

The lubrication system includes lubricators, distributors, accessories and fittings. The company assures all the products are with protection devices. For example, the lubricators have motor temperature protection, pressure switch and oil/grease level detection in order to make sure the lubricator works functionally. If there is malfunction, the system will trigger alarm to warn the users. For the distributors, it is recommended to add a sensor switch or proximity switch or oil flow detector in order to check if there is oil/grease leaking. Even for the grease lubrication system, the company has developed a high pressure switch and a magnetic type grease level switch to assure that the grease system would work functionally.

Innovation is the key of spirit

In recent years, the company has obtained new patents for new design applications, such as Pressure-Relief Grease Lubricators, Grease Cartridge Manual and Electric type lubricators, High Pressure Electric Grease Lubricators and Pneumatic Oil-Air lubricators.
Mr. Tsai said that although the company has been in this industry for years, he limits the scale of company size within 65 people for a purpose that the productivity is more important than the size. Only the best, not the biggest! The company will pursue continuous improvement to be better and better that is the sprit of the company.