OSCAR E.D.M Company Ltd

OSCARMAX has had 30 years of history since being established in 1985. Over many years, Oscarmax has been totally dedicated to design and manufacturing of electrical discharge machines. Our objective is to subvert the general impression of low machining speed of EDMs. Therefore, we have spent great efforts in developing high speed EDM machining technology, where to create the best results in speed, accuracy and surface roughness. Taiwan is like an aircraft carrier sailing in the Pacific Ocean and Oscarmax is proud to strive hard together with you on this island We also hope to work together with you to brighten the logo of MIT, and make it shine in the worldwide market.



Contact Us

  • Location : Taichung, Taiwan
  • Address : No.359, Xuetian Road., Wuri District., Taichung City, Taiwan
  • TEL : +886-4-2338-5818
  • FAX : +886-4-2338-0035
  • website : http://www.oscaredm.com
  • EMAIL : w.i.lee@oscaredm.com.tw


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