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FNL-250SY Multifunctional turning/ milling center

  • Max swing dia. 600mm
  • Max turning length 558mm
  • Y axis travel : ± 55mm


AW5SL / AW3SL – High Quality Linear Drive Wire Cut EDM

  • Circuit enhances the best roughness to Ra 0.20μm.
  • X&Y axes equip in house linear motor enhance positioning accuracy and best surface roughness.
  • Less interference design for Lower arm to secure the job accuracy.
  • Double Air Tunnel power supply extends life span of electronic components.
  • AWT with water jet enhances the reliability of threading at fine wire (Opt.)
  • Available to use 0.10 mm wire on IC mold and highly precious die application.



PG-Type Positioning Guideway

  • High resolution, accuracy and rigidity
  • High resolution, accuracy and rigidity
  • Compact, easy to install design




  • Box sectioned, walled and ribbed machine base.
  • Wide span machine column. Welded piece rigid ATC carousel.
  • Patent SOLID LOCK, the utmost 9 tons tool pulling force.



V-42i High efficiency machining

  • For parts machining, designed by high rigidity roller type linear guide way with high efficiency chip removal system (optional front or rear type) and high torque spindle motor matching. The machine function can achieve high efficiency processing characteristics.



TK630 x 2000

  • Optimal design for excellent turning performance
  • One piece casting base for higher rigidity.
  • Gears in the headstock are machined from chrome molybdenum alloy steel, carburized and precision ground for extremely smooth running.



Horizontal Machining Center

  • Rapid : 60/60/60m/min
  • 12,000rpm Built-In spindle, 25/22KW, Max. torque 233Nm.
  • High rigidity, Adopts triple-point support in the machine bed, double-wall structure design in the column and high rigidity roller guide in all three axes.
  • Operation Environmen friendly design



High Speed Double Column Machining Center SF-2616

  • High Performance (X/Y rapid traverse:24 m/min, Z axis: 15m)
  • High Accuracy (Ps0.015mm)
  • Light-weight structure design for power saving.



NSV102A- Ultra High speed & High Performance Vertical Machining Center

  • 12,000/15,000rpm with 30kW
  • Feedrate : 60/60/48
  • 1g/1g/1.1 Acceleration
  • 1.8 sec Tool Change Time
  • YCM Made IDD Plus Spindle