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Home Suppliers FITTECH CO., LTD.


Address: 1 F., No. 3, Gongyequ 35th Rd., Xiehe Vil., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 40768.

TAIEX: 6706

Info: Established in 2004, FitTech Co., Ltd. (TAIEX:6706) committed itself to
developing LED test equipment for over a decade, and pioneered the LED
Prober & Tester System.
In addition to the well-known LED tester and sorter solutions, FitTech
committed to laser diode (LD) testing solutions for VCSEL, PD, DFB, FP,
EML, etc. It also established “Advanced Laser Microfabrication Technology
R&D Center”, aiming for R&D of laser micromachining technologies,
including: laser cutting, laser wafer marking, laser strip marking, laser
ceramic drilling, laser scribing and laser cleaning, which are applied in the
semiconductor and PCB industries.
To achieve the trend and vision of industry 4.0, FitTech has been
committed to develop automation solutions for several years, and already
launched the one and only LED automation testing and sorting solution
in LED industry. FitTech will continue to dedicate itself to R&D solutions
for automation, and also the integration with AI technology and digital
management system.
FitTech’s headquarter is in Taiwan, and it has technical service offices and
agencies in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, & USA.