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Home Product Feeler Swing-Head 5 Axis Machining Center UB-660
Feeler Swing-Head 5 Axis Machining Center UB-660


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The market position of the machine is the capability of producing large-scale workpieces with high complexity and precision, focusing on two innovative values ​​of "AI intelligence" and "practicality".

The market position of the machine is the capability of producing large-scale workpieces with high complexity and precision, focusing on two innovative values ​​of "AI intelligence" and "practicality".


AI intelligence: Install a smart application server, which can integrate relevant data and upload it to the FEELER data service management platform for analysis, and turn the data into a visual presentation, such as automatic component detection, utilization rate management, etc., and able to use the cloud platforms on computers, tablets and mobile phones for management. Through the empirical evidences, supervisors in general factories originally needed to know the production output through monthly reports, but now they can know the output immediately throughout the device. In addition, through component detection, personnel inspections can be reduced, and management efficiency can be improved by 22.3%. In maintenance, AI can replace manual works, which by AI the accuracy is as high as 90%, and there can save up to NTD 900,000 per year.


Practicability: The development of a high-end swing-head five-axis machine can reduce the cumulative tolerance that caused by the stacked structure of the five-axis machine in the market. In addition, temperature rise and machining vibration have always been the two major points for customers in using the machine. FEELER has developed temperature compensation device and modeling analysis software to greatly improve the machine's three-axis thermal deformation problem. After the compensation, the machining accuracy is controlled within 0.02mm and is 80% better than before, if the vibration occurs during the machining process, FEELER’s technology has used optimized algorithms and graphical interface, which can suppress vibration within 2 seconds. In the high-speed spindle machining process, it is easy to cause linear thermal expansion due to heat generation and spindle thermal elongation deformation, through additional displacement induction, the device measures displacement information and monitor temperature information, and transmits them to the numerical control system for error compensation positioning.


(1)Moving column structure: The M-shaped structure increases anti bend and anti-torsion of the column The counter-weight is supported by the pneumatic cylinder. The shape of the column is similar to the pyramid to increase the stability for moving.


(2)One piece base structure: The rigidity of structure is good. The outer shape is not complicated, it is easy for machining. The internal structure adopts the box type design to increase the bearing capacity.The round shape hole is easy to clear sand and increase force flow. The work tableadopts the high and low rail design to increase the rigidity.


(3)Rotary spindle head structure: Reduce the interference machining area.


(4)Modular design: By changing the column head of the column, etc., the customer can have a variety of opportunities to choose from.


(5) Turning and milling function(OPT):​ Shorten the product manufacturing process. To improve the production efficiency, accuracy and reduce the clamping times and floor space. It can be used in aerospace parts and medical equipment precision molds.

X-axis travel
Y-axis travel
Z-axis travel
B-axis rotation angle
+110°~-110 °
C-axis rotation angle
Spindle nose to table surface
Table dimension
Spindle speed
12,000(OPT 18,000)
Spindle taper
Spindle power
29.5/37 Kw

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