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Home Product OME Piezo Stage
OME Piezo Stage

PST1E128A / 328A / 136A / 336A / 144A / 344A / 520A / 528A / 536A / 544A / PST8E110A / 310A / 510A / PCT1E3(1-3) / 1(1-3) / 5(1-

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Piezo stages are used in nanopositioning applications since they can achieve that precision position. Our stages are high precision positioning, high loading capacity, and compact size. They are used in applications requiring precise nanometer motion and control, like the fields of nano technology, semiconductor equipment, ultra-precision manufacturing, optical systems, optical communication industries, and biomedical industry.


【Optical Sensor Series】
The optical sensing element is applied as the core for position feedback. This product series is suitable for applications requiring high-precision positioning and motion control. It contains reliable and stable positioning abilities as well as various resolution options.


【Inductive Sensor Series】
The inductive sensing element is applied as the core for position feedback. This product series provides not only the practical positioning resolution but also the more compact size, the better tolerance for the environment and the competitive price. It is highly adaptable to any application requiring high-precision positioning, micro-nano motion control as well as in the vacuum environment.

【Optical Sensor Series】
Oprical Piezo Controller
PCT1E31 / PCT1E32 / PCT1E33 / PCT1E11 / PCT1E12 / PCT1E13
Optical Piezo vertical Stage
PST8E310A (Standard) / PST8E110A (High Precision)
Optical Piezo Linear Stage
PST1E328A / 336A / 344A (Standard) / PST1E128A / 136A / 144A (High Precision)
【Inductive Sensor Series】
Inductive Piezo Controller
PCT1E51 / PCT1E52 / PCT1E53
Inductive Piezo vertical Stage
Inductive Piezo Linear Stage
PST1E520A(20mm) / 528A(28mm) / 536A(36mm) / 544A(44mm)