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Home Product GoodWay SW-Ⅱ Series Multi-tasking Swiss Turning Centers
GoodWay SW-Ⅱ Series Multi-tasking Swiss Turning Centers

SW-Ⅱ Series

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On the basis of innovative mechanical structure, plentiful tooling system and flexible hybrid guide bush design, SW-II serial can achieve unprecedented rigidity and productivity.


SW-II with 7-axis ( X / Y / Z / XB / ZB / B / Y2 ) control ability. Not only complicated work piece can be overcome but also with short cycle time that can satisfy your different processing requirement nowadays and future.

Hybrid Guide Bush
The hybrid guide bush design ( bush or bushless are all available ) which can be exchanged easily on SW-II series, multiple function in one
Flexible Tooling System
Sufficient tooling post and flexible tooling system which maximum 41 tools (include 23 live tools) is available. All multiple tasks, such as the front surface of workpiece, rear eccentric drilling, tapping and milling operations can be completed in one machine.
B-axis Machining Capability
B-axis movement control can be edited freely, it means B-axis can be changed any angle continuously when machine not stop, processing efficiency increased substantially.
Y2-axis Machining Capability
Backworking tooling system with 8 live tools. Therefore, the rear-end live tool can do the back processing which originally processed by counter face live tools. Processing procedure can be optimization and shorten processing cycle time.