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Home Product FATEK FBs - Series Programmable Logic Controller
FATEK FBs - Series Programmable Logic Controller

FBs - Series Programmable Logic Controller

Provided By

FATEK Automation Corporation


One of the top players in micro PLC and million units were sold over the world. The stable and reliable controller that can be trusted.

512-point control scale with the most complete and comprehensive expansion module selection in the same level, and can achieve the automation control requirements of a wide range of industries. Supports various communication interfaces up to 5 ports, and the built-in Modbus communication protocol can easily communicate and share production data with peripheral third-party devices. Built-in NC positioning control function and can perform multi-axis 920KHz interpolation without additional expansion modules.
With a high-speed counter with the same input frequency, it can achieve high-precision, high-speed precise positioning control at a very low cost, and truly realize NC+PLC integrated control.



PLC data can be directly uploaded to the cloud and easily import IoT solutions without a gateway, achieving remote data monitoring, data log, cloud data storage, and alarm task notifications. Even if the running PLC is without the ability to connect to the network, it only needs to install a general network module to expand the network capability to achieve remote applications through Ethernet or 4G networks, introducing IoT in the most streamlined, efficient, and low-cost way.


FBs series not only has the stability and reliability, diverse integrated functions, complete and comprehensive module expandability, and connectivity with peripheral devices for being a control unit, but also has the ability to connect data to the devices at any corner of the world, breaking the imagination of the machine or production line controllers. In addition to being able to perform diversified control tasks, it can also be used as an important data link gateway, fully demonstrating the extremely high value of the key control unit.


Powerful communication capability: Expand up to 5 communication ports with various interface, such as RS485, RS232, Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANopen, 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

Complete expansion modules: Provide common modules such as communication, DIO, AIO, temperature, and support advanced modules such as load cell, IoT, and synchronous serial to achieve a wider range of applications.


Modbus protocol: Built-in convenient Modbus communication form setting table, and support for master and slave functions, easily achieve integration applications with peripheral devices.


IoT Solution: The ethernet expansion module is IoT ready, which can easily achieve remote monitoring, data log and alarm notification.


NC+PLC integration: Built-in positioning control commands, and applications such as multi-axis positioning and interpolation can be completed without additional positioning control modules.


920KHz high-speed application: High-speed counter and pulse output can be as high as 920KHz, which can achieve higher precision control requirements.

Execution speed
0.33uS/Sequential instruction
Program capacity
20K Words
I/O points
Up to 512 points
Up to 5 ports Communication speed 4.8~921.6Kbps
High-speed counter
Up to 8 frequency 5~920KHz
NC position pulse out
Up to 4 axes frequency 200KHz or 920KHz
Up to 4 points
Up to 16 points
Captured input
Up to 36 points