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Home Product Cosen C-Tech Series NC Fully Automatic Bandsaw
Cosen C-Tech Series NC Fully Automatic Bandsaw

C-Tech Series NC Fully Automatic Bandsaw

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The fully-automatic bandsaws from the C-Tech Series have been designed for cutting solid materials in mass production around the clock. The well-known "Built to Last" COSEN DNA is again visible in every part of these machines: from the oversized linear guideways, super sturdy saw frames, cast iron vises to the use of world class PLC and components.
All these explain best why Cosen have been recognized worldwide for our "great cost-performance-ratio" and "fast return of investment." Adding a new look to the saws, Cosen C-Tech has packaged in reliability, productivity and aesthetics for the today's sawing world.

1. Safe CuttingThoughtfully covered with four-doorway access, the machine provides operators with all-around protection while maintaining maintenance jobs just as  easy. Machine stops upon opened doors, ensuring operation safety at all time.


2.    Automatic first cut Machine automatically positions material for trim-cut. No more measuring required!


3.    Convenient data reading Besides blade life, blade speed and feed vise position, the C-TECH series utilizes blade height detector to provide instant reading on current cutting rate.


4.    Simple intuitive controls Simple intuitive HMI touch screen controls all machine operations, displays vital cutting info and provides troubleshooting assistance.


5.    Smoothest saw frame feeding The saw frame rides on linear guide ways, a design that allows for lowest friction and highest precision possible! 


6.    Exclusive V_Drive (Optional) With Cosen's V_Drive, you can cut hard-to-cut materials like Titanium, Hastelloy and other metals at significantly increased rates. V_Drive saves you cutting time by 25-50% and at the same time improve blade life, reducing your tooling costs!

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