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Home Product Chinfong C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses
Chinfong C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses


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1. Intelligent Single Crank Power Press adopts crank mechanism; it could fulfill the demand of manufacturing process including blanking, drawing, bending and partial forming.
2. The application of high efficiency wet type clutch & brake not only provides high torque but also decreases wearing, making this press eco-friendly, highly efficient, and a green product with prolonged service life and added value.
3. User friendly HMI with colorful interface facilitates easy operation and operators’ personal safety.
4. Utilization of brake motor in die height adjust mechanism realizes fine performance of positioning die height.
5. Combination of IoT including IT technology, sensors, communication devices and big data analysis of collected press information achieves smart manufacturing.


1.This press is equipped with multiple sensors and uploads massive monitored information through internet to Chin Fong Cloud, which facilitates effective data analysis and visualization, also enables the users to get hold of production status and schedule. 
2.The technician could find out maintenance cycles from data feedback to prevent possible damage and accomplish the goal of high production rate and longer service life. 
3.This press could be coordinated with QDC (Quick Die Change System), AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and industrial 6 axis robotic arm, which demonstrates press application with “Intelligent” peripheral system and realizes unmanned manufacturing and management.  
●Electronic Parts and Components Manufacturing
●Metal Hardward
●Motorcycles / Bicycles and Parts Manufacturing.
●Medical Materials and Supplies Manufacturing