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Home Product Chevalier Vertical Grinding Center
Chevalier Vertical Grinding Center


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Easy Setup, Flexible and Sealed for Grinding
The FVGC Series of vertical grinding machines is another prime example of Chevalier’s position as the
global leader in grinding technology. The series seamlessly increases efficiency and productivity for such industries as semiconductor, punch and aerospace, as well as other sectors for which these machines can be equipped. Workpieces in these fields primarily are a composite, single crystal silicon or brittle, along with other materials that present process challenges.



●The FVGC series is completely sealed for process filtration. The series is equipped with either a hydrocyclone or centrifugation system, both of which are consumable-free. The environmentally friendly centrifugation system recycles debris from the grinding process, allowing chips, impurities and power to be completely filtered and separated. It also increases the longevity of the cutting fluid and improves workpiece grinding accuracy. 


●The FVGC Series also includes Chevalier’s exclusive iMachine Communications System™ (iMCS) software, which features remote machine monitoring, data analysis, alarm history records and maintenance updates to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE), meets today’s market requirements."

Roller Guide Way Design
Table Size
up to 635 x 1,650 mm
Spindle Speed
up to 15,000 rpm
Spindle Motor
up to 15 kW
Tool Change
Arm Type