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Home Product Awea AHM Series High Performance Horizontal Machining Centers
Awea AHM Series High Performance Horizontal Machining Centers

AHM Series

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AWEA's new debut, the AHM series, establishes a new benchmark for cost-effective horizontal machining centers.


This series leads the pack when it comes to 3 axes travel, maximum tool diameter, and economical floor space. In performance terms, the AHM series delivers with a high torque 2-step gear type spindle, roller type linear guide ways on 3 axes, a one-piece cast rigid base, and a beyond comparison table load capacity up to 4,000 kg.

Powerful heavy-duty cutting capacity. Workpieces with various complex surfaces can be done in a single setup.
26 kW spindle motor with a 2-step gear box supplies up to 776 Nm torque output.
The superior rigid one-piece cast T-shaped base and rib reinforced column provide a solid basis for heavy-duty cutting.
Heavy duty roller type linear ways on the three axes provide fast moving and high rigidity.
AHM series table load capacity up to 4,000 kg, the highest in its class.
B-axis 1˚ indexing allows machining of complex shapes and surfaces in a single setup.
40T / 60T chain type tool magazine with arm type ATC, performing efficient and reliable tool exchanges.
The base is equipped with 4 chip augers; chips are quickly removed from the processing area to guarantee uninterrupted machining.



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