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Home News Macro Micro Outperforms Big Names Through Innovation, Attention to Detail
Macro Micro Outperforms Big Names Through Innovation, Attention to Detail
Machine Tools
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At the headquarters of world-renowned German conglomerate Siemens AG is a display room for pioneering industrial controllers the company has manufactured over the years. In this historical showcase, one piece of hardware stands out as the only non-German product: a computer numerical control (CNC) machining center made by Taiwan’s Macro Micro Tech Inc. Of all the available options to pair with its most important controllers, Siemens chose Macro Micro’s product due to its high quality.



Founded in 2001 by William Yang and Irene Chen, Tainan-based Macro Micro has been manufacturing patented machines for more than two decades. Through its firm belief in constructing easy-to-use and durable machinery, the small firm has garnered fame within the industry for making dependable and long-lasting products.


Most industrial machinery manufacturers use computer-aided engineering during research and development to determine the durability of their products. However, this often leaves clients unable to discern whether the wear and tear of the machines they have purchased aligns with the official data from manufacturers. Even for products with extended warranties, unpreventable factors such as harsh environments make repairs and maintenance a headache.


“Through our experience assisting various brands in the maintenance and repair of their machinery, Macro Micro gained an understanding of the difference in engineering standards of Japanese, German and Taiwanese brands that is better than any other domestic firms and even the original foreign manufacturers,” Yang said.


Macro Micro spent more than 20 years researching and learning through the observation and study of the wear and tear of machines made by big-name companies from around the world, he said. 


This experience helped Macro Micro figure out customers’ operational problems, allowing it to provide possible solutions and suggest changes in how clients used their machines. Most importantly, however, Macro Micro incorporated the lessons it learned into the manufacturing of its own products, helping it to craft industrial equipment whose durability is longer than most international competitors’ offerings.


Macro Micro currently offers its improved third-generation products, such as the HiFi series of milling machines. Thanks to improved tuning and other refinements, testing has shown that even when the built-in direct-drive motor is outputting 100 percent power at 24,000 rpm, the spindle vibration measures only 0.5μm. Compared with an average 1.5μm spindle vibration  commonly observed in products from bigger Japanese brands — it is no wonder that clients prefer Macro Micro’s stability and quality.



HiFi 1000
​​​​​HSK A63 24000 rpm spindle vibration measured on the machine is only 0.0004 mm. 


“Macro Micro has our own unique vibration suppression technology,” Yang said. “Imagine a cup of water in a moving car. If there are tea leaves in the cup, then liquid will not easily spill out when the car is in motion. Using the same concept, our company engineered the structure to disrupt the frequency of vibration to decrease the wear and tear of machines caused by vibration.”


According to Macro Micro, the main alloy used to make milling machine bases is Meehanite. Due to geography and weather, Japan has the ability to produce Meehanite that is about 10 percent better quality compared with those produced in Taiwan. However, thanks to the company’s multi-layered engineering, machines made by Macro Micro using Taiwan-made Meehanite are still two to three times more rigid than their Japanese counterparts. Moreover, by using locally manufactured Meehanite, the cost of production is significantly lowered.




Multi-layers casting provides superb rigidity for high and stable accuracy. 


The quality of Macro Micro products is further improved by customer feedback. German clients have attested that after using the company’s machines for over seven years, the margin of error measured at a mere 5μm. By comparison, machines made by big international brands often have a margin of error of 14μm.


Macro Micro said that aside from a machine’s vibration resistance and endurance, another factor to consider is the margin of error in accuracy of the Y axis of a double column machine. Such accuracy could gradually decline due to dents created by the widened beam of a machine. To resolve the issue, Macro Micro has re-engineered its machine beam so that even a large column-to-column distance of 3.1m can achieve almost zero margin of error by using a 2m-long granite ruler.



Rigid beam structure of its foundation providing high accuracy for Y and Z axes. 



Craftsman 3200
Y axis (beam) 2 meters parallel measurement is nearly 0-0.  


Customer testimonials of the company’s products show that Macro Micro machines have helped increase work efficiency by up to 2.4 times, as well as lower costs, due to their high-rigidity structure. The stability of Macro Micro machinery has resulted in products with a more refined appearance, prompting clients to make plans to adopt more of the company’s machines in their production lines.


With an eye on customer satisfaction and quality, Macro Micro holds itself and its products to the highest standards. Instead of cutting corners and using Chinese parts to build its machines, the company has opted to collaborate with the likes of Schneeberger, NSK, Siemens and Fanuc to ensure the quality of its products.


“Products made for aerospace engineering have a high standard for product quality and accuracy,” Yang said. “I believe that given the chance, Macro Micro will have the opportunity to manufacture first-rate machines like the milling machines used to make products for the aerospace industry.”


Realtime Performance Overview (1X)

Kinetic Dual is doing 5 faces machining. Aluminum material,35 mm cutter, Ae 6mm, Ap 4mm F4000mm/min

HiFi 1100
300 mm length of bar, run out is nearly 0.001mm.

Kinetic 1320
The professional machine owner said “it is amazing that the cutting chips didn’t change its color.” Material TDAC HRC 40 degrees, cutter 20 mm, F500 mm/min, cutting width 2 mm, S2500.

Kinetic 1520
The professional owner took his work piece to make test cut on the machine, he said the cutting data he used was 2.4X faster than he used on his own machines, and this machine cutting sound is still beautiful. 
Material S45C,Cutter 35mm, 3 Blades, S2200 rpm, F6600 mm/min, cutting depth 1mm

About Micro Marco​​​​​​​


Macro Micro Tech Inc. is devoted to the development and manufacture of easy-to-use and durable machine tools. Since its establishment in 2001, Macro Micro has collaborated with SAEILO GmbH for 20 years and garnered the best rating in the German machine tools market.

Macro Micro began selling in the domestic (Taiwanese) market three years ago, leveraging its experience in the German market. By adhering to the concept of providing value through good products and services, it has methodically built a reputation as a high-quality brand.

Through constantly servicing, dismantling and analyzing the products of famous international brands, Macro Micro has gained more practical experience than any other company on making useful and durable machine tools. Starting from the needs of clients to the finished machine tools that meet their specifications — such as lathes and vertical, horizontal and five-axis machining centers — all Macro Micro products have the same solid finish. Macro Micro aims to give its customers peace of mind to continue growing through its world-class, high-quality machine tools.