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  • Robots and AGVs
    Pursuing Efficiency and Quality with Cobot Arm

    For factory managers, the 2 indicators they’re most concerned about usually are: production efficiency and production quality. Under the global highly competitive environment, factories must find ways to provide as many high-quality goods to customers as possible within a limited time.

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  • Robots and AGVs
    Human-Robot Collaboration with Touché Solutions

    Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) though already known to bring many benefits, one of the remaining concerns is still the risk of collisions between humans and machines. Yet, the labor shortage caused by COVID-19 in various industries brought about the question on how companies, especially those in manufacturing industries can stay afloat. Various industries set about as their priority to look for ways to overcome these challenges. In some industries, machinery replaced the work that was done by humans. However, in many cases, companies found that the best answer was Human-Robot Collaboration. The safety of humans employing robots in their work was behind the developments of the T-Skin and M-Teach in 2015 by the pioneer company in tactile sensing, Touché Solutions. 

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