Written by Cheng Lin

For the past three decades, the use of industrial robots have increased significantly due to the rising labor cost and higher requirements for quality in various industries. The rising technology needs for enhanced manufacturing productivity calls for automation and advanced machine tools that move the global industry into a whole new era.
Taiwan, known for its high technology, manufactures thousands of machine tools and relevant components every year. Compared to its rivals, high C/P value and advanced service quality are the main advantages of Taiwanese equipment, while originality is a plus feature when it comes to components.

Shining star in robot industry

Began in 1980s, Taiwan ranked top two in the robot industry, sharing 40% of the global robot consumption. The automation technology in Taiwan successfully integrates industrial applications with domestic institutions and industrial energy department building their own critical unit labs for technology independence.
Many of the experts have a PhD degree in mechanics. Taiwan, a cradle of machine tool experts, is now developing more specialists in automation besides machine tools. Taiwan is ranked as the second largest motion control and system technology supplier in the global market, with one of the best ballscrews in the world, ranking number one in this product group, and number two in the world for linear guides. Taiwan also produces roller screws and robotic arms for buyers not only in the machine tools sector but also other hi-tech industries requesting for critical components.

High DN value ballscrews favored by high-end machine tool manufacturers

Just like the robot industry, ballscrews are also highly customized. Taiwan develops ballscrews with DN value above 160,000. The units are sold well-known Japanese and German companies in the machine tools sector. With the help of in-house labs, Taiwanese’ latest DN value reaches up to 220,000, fulfilling many high-end machine tool makers’ requests.
Knowing what the customers require, R&D teams in Taiwan have the first-hand knowledge from end users in order to achieve the specifications. By integrating in-house ballscrews, motors, connectors, and other motion controls, the company offers a series of motion solutions for users’ critical needs. As a result, ballscrews, bearings, linear guides, linear motors, roller screws, and robots produced by the Taiwan manufacturers are all widely distributed in the world market.

Complete product solution

With profound knowledge in different sectors, Taiwan’s product integration competence offers motion solutions in full range and across sectors. With in-house labs, Taiwanese successfully extends its productions and complete motion control system solutions. Though many competitors are also providing ballscrews and other motion controls, Taiwan is the only one offering 6 products: ballscrews, bearings, linear guides, linear motors, roller screws, and robots all at the same time.

Step into medical usages and automation

By working with leading medical schools, Taiwan makers are currently developing a robotic arm surgical system which can help solve surgical demands in various phases. This program, together with an ongoing lower limb rehabilitation system, consume a lot of resources and energy, but when the medical project succeeds and produced one day, hospitals in Taiwan and around the world can benefit with this hi-tech innovation.
In looking forward to the future, Taiwan is promoting a full range of automation systems to emerging markets, like Russia. And plans to keep its schedule tight, and keep its products competitive for users around the world.