Written by Cheng Lin

Chin Fong who was originally from China is growing in Taiwan for nearly 70 years. The company promotes first-rate metalworking machines to global users. In the beginning, Chin Fong was focused on manufacturing press and forming machines. Now, they offer high-end CNC servo presses around the world through trade fairs with automation design.

Deep into various sectors

Speaking of the many applications of Chin Fong machines, the thin sheet presses are applied to cellphones, notebooks, TVs, and household appliances, whereas thick sheet presses are applied to construction materials, automotive compartments, and other thick metal materials; while the high-precision cold forging presses are applied to transmission parts and axial parts for high-end automotive brands. The warm hot forging presses are applied to kitchen and bath metal materials, engine components, and hand tools. The new servo presses can be applied to new alloy processing and rigid sheet materials.
The above mentioned processes were all carefully analyzed by Chin Fong, thus the press machines made by the company are favored compared to other brands in the international market. Chin Fong presses are sold and used in the US, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, France, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Iran, ASEAN, and Australia.

Advanced machine products come from cooperation

Unlike other industrial countries, such as Japan and Germany in which manufacturers develop their own production lines, Taiwan has built up its machine tool industry. Inside 60 kilometer radius of the Taiwan machine tool cluster, top engineering solutions are available for global machine users. Resources can be found, from one single machine tool to full-scale automation equipment planning. At the same time, all other machine tool demands, such as fixtures, tools, accessories and software planning, can be fulfilled. This one and only cooperation mechanism in the world successfully reduces cost and make huge job opportunities in the SE Asia, hence plays as a magnate to world talents here.
Located in this area, Chin Fong is using the cluster to outsource many parts and leave the crucial parts and safety-related parts in-house. The company also pour resources on its cooperated suppliers to foster their manufacture and management and raise them to international standard. By this win-win cooperation, Chin Fong receives order requests abroad and outsource with domestic suppliers to release manufacture pressure.

Automation: Critical point in the future

Chin Fong management echelon foreseen the automation trend since the very early stage and invest on the integration project of its presses with automation system. Now the automatic press system encompass press machine, automation option, mold design, and forming.
Automatic presses are customized services. The company offers pre-sales consultation to assist customers to know their true request, then the company would design according to the need of customers. Organizing team integrates global resources to provide fittest solution.

KW1 series thick sheet forging knuckle press

Chin Fong presents the latest KW1 series thick sheet cold warm forging knuckle press to the market. The machine adopts knuckle connection design and high rigidity base, together with automatic feeding mechanism the slide guide can stay in bottom dead center for a significant longer period of time, promising higher accuracy. This design integrate feeding, pressing, and other procedures in one machine for thick sheet. The multi-tasking mature reduces cost and fit into the demand from 3C, automotive and motorcycle, bicycle, tool, and metal materials that are thick and precision demanding. Various feeding specifications, thickness, cold forging modes, forming, and stamping are applicable, which help to increase manufacturers’ competitiveness.

Endless pursue

Innovation is the key to Chin Fong products. Hence the company keeps its cooperation with leading manufacturers in Japan, the US, and Germany, including SHIN-EI, KURIMOTO, MINSTER, HITACHI ZOSEN, H&F, KOMATSU, MULLER WEIGARTEN, IHI, SATO, SUMITOMO HEAVERY INDUSTRIAL, and YAMADA DOBBY. With various projects, Chin Fong utilizes foreign technology and make it local. Besides, the company also participate with several research projects together with domestic research institutes in developing press movement and increase the added value of machines.