Written by Cheng Lin

The C/P value is the most significant characteristic of Taiwan’s machine tools in the global market. And local manufacturers are now moving forward to expand the applications of their equipment towards automotive, medical, 3C electronics, oil and gas, including aerospace sectors. In order to cope with competitors from emerging Asian makers, Taiwanese are looking for ways to improve and that is through machines with high C/P value and customization service.
L&L Machinery is located in Taichung, the industry capital of Taiwan where thousands of metalworking plants are located to produce the optimal output for both domestic and international consumers in the machine tool sector. L&L Machinery takes advantage of the sources while strictly controlling its final output by a series of management standards. Now large-sized CNC lathes made by L&L Machinery is applied to energy, steel, and aerospace processing, helping manufacturers around the world to advance their production.

Gas and petroleum exploration equipment processing

For the entire existence of human civilization, we have been on the hunt for new energy sources. At one time, energy exploration involved the hunting of whales for their oil used in lamps, but what we now associate with energy exploration is the search for oil and gas. Today, energy exploration takes places in all corners of the globe, and we are constantly pushing the limits of the industry by exploring sources of oil and gas that were once considered unattainable, such as those far offshore or trapped in complex geological formations. L&L Machinery brings applicable solutions for equipment processing. Normally when speak of energy exploration, fuel delivery pipe is the first concept, but in fact that is only the final step. In the earlier stage, there are many challenging procedures such as geography investigation, rock strata analysis, drilling, and further detailed processing. Those are the real difficulty and consume hi-tech equipment with quality. L&L Machinery offers large-sized CNC lathes for Petroleum Companies to achieve those impossible missions and get the petroleum itself.
The CNC equipment is applied to energy sector and use to processing drill bit, hydraulic valve controls, delivery pipes and components. Now oilfield service companies in South America and Central America have contacted L&L Machinery and supplier chain of the well-known Baker Hughes in the USA, UK, and Singapore also adopt L&L Machinery lathe products for processing.

Aerospace Sector

Besides the energy sector, aerospace is also a target market for L&L Machinery and many large CNC lathes are applied to process engine parts of aircrafts, such as LL/LD/LC series. GE and AIRBUS use L&L Machinery CNC lathes to process disc-type work piece, and Chinese corporation adopts L&L Machinery products to process rocket-propelled device also.
Due to the mutual agreement between Chinese and foreign airplane manufacturers, such as GE and AIRBUS, some components have to be produced locally. With this they chose L&L Machinery products made in Taiwan, which offers high C/P value and promises machine capability based on international standards. In 2014, there are over 200 units of L&L Machinery large-sized CNC lathes sold to China for this purpose.
The company operates its manufacturing based on service-industry spirit, and this capability has earned the L&L Machinery a lot of order requests. After seeing the blueprint, the company is able to project processing procedure and analyze processing steps, as well as figuring the final products. “The precise planning competence is much relied by global partners because it works and is realizable,” said GM Chien Yu Lin.

Personnel training

GM Lin is the owner of the company and a professional specialist faculty. These characteristics have made GM Lin realize the importance of educating its employees. As a result, L&L Machinery cooperates with local vocational education systems to train their future staffs. L&L Machinery technicians were sent to universities to teach and inspire students in the mechanical department, helping them integrate their subjects with onsite factory operation conditions. This program motivates students in their major subjects. “We started this program since 2004 and there are about 40 students who come to our factory each year to be trained and offer their services. Up to now, 2/3 of L&L Machinery employees come from this recruitment mechanism,” explains GM Lin.
L&L Machinery is a Taiwanese small- and middle-sized enterprise. There are 70 personnel in the factory and 14 of them are from the R&D department. Taiwan uses its flexibility and innovation to expand the market share, making high C/P value machines for global consumers. This strategy is practiced by L&L Machinery. As the company gains technological independence, the future very optimistic.