Written by Cheng Lin

FastCut is a machine tool manufacturer, focusing in both end cutting CNC machines. Today, FastCut machines are popular in the world market as named Chien Yih Machinery Co., Ltd. with many units sold every year. General Manager Hsuan-Lung Wu leads the company with his innovative ideas to cope with competition from imitators. This year, the company promotes two series of products that integrate the primary functions, and other applications in complex processing. The integration designs of both series combine the features of special and universal machines, thus users from different needs get benefits from machines that help in both special and universal processing.

At the beginning of the both end cutting CNC

The both end cutting CNC made by FastCut are sold all over the world. Looking back, Mr. Wu said that when he was still a technician and doing a lot of repair works for fax machines, he noticed that fax paper is fed by an axial which is processed by both sides using light cutting. Wu saw the potential and decided to devote its time into the field of both end cutting.
Ever since its debut, FastCu’s both end cutting CNC has set a milestone in the automotive industry; after its original processing procedure the production of shock absorbers was changed. Now this technology is widely applied to shafts, seat recliners, C. V. joints, seat shafts, and shock absorbers. Those that request for high concentricity can be easily achieved by the system because shaft is processed both sides at the same time. FastCut’s both end cutting CNC system is adopted by automotive suppliers worldwide.
In Japan, it is adopted by KYB (TOYOTA supplier chain) and SHOWA (HONDA supplier chain), while in Europe, it is implemented by Audi, BMW, and Volvo. FIAT in Brazil also use FastCut both end cutting CNC to process automotive components.
Aside from the automotive industry, FastCut also covers other applications. US fitness equipment brand-PRECOR uses the system to process transmission shaft of treadmills; Supplier of Harley-Davidson in Netherlands apply it to process outer shaft of shock absorber; Swiss brand-RIETER in India utilize it to make textile machine components.
Due to the international demand, the company keeps its R&D schedule in order to further expand the application from automotive to other sectors. FastCut believes that quality and innovation is the key to success.

New FC-DF11 both end cutting CNC with Fanuc 0ITF: Multi-axial machine centers

FastCut used to develop customized both end cutting CNC in the past, but now the company wants to grow further and that takes mass production of machines that fits the world market. In 2014, Mr. Wu presents both end FC-DF11 Combo Lathe equipped with Fanuc 0ITF which installed with two hydraulic cylinders. With the two cylinders two different pieces in different sizes can be held firmly and precisely. There are two inbuilt robotic arms for piece exchange. Due to the inbuilt nature of the two, the robotic arms act more smoothly without shaking and FC-DF11 is thus enhanced in processing speed. The design allows one operators to handle two FC-DF11 at a time, which saves labor cost for approximately 4 traditional CNC lathes at the same production demand. Regarding the structure, one spindle and one hydraulic are saved, which fit into the green demand.
FC-DF11 is the first Taiwanese machine tool installed with Fanuc 0ITF because of its complicated axial design. Together with the two ends, turrets, and robotic arms, there are totally 15 axes and that entails a complicated control system is much needed. In order to make it easier for operators, Fanuc 0ITF is the optimal support and with this system when malfunction happen in one procedure, others are still going under perfect programmed orders.
This machine is the first mass produced by FastCut as the company use to customize each both end cutting CNC according to customers’ specification. Accordingly, FC-DF11 is much like a universal machine, but with special machine characteristics regarding the processing speed.

CNC Polygon Machine with Turning Function

In promoting its both end CNC, Mr. Wu is still on the way to developing his former business, the polygon machine. FastCut’s polygon machine business has a certain level of consumers worldwide. Recently the company promotes FC-65NCL CNC polygon machine with single 6-tool station cutter head. The machine can also be a turning center. The machine integrates CNC polygon with CNC lathe and make polygon processing and cutting finished on one single machine. Variety polygon cutting can be performed by CNC control system and X and Z axis are driven by servo motors. Copying polygon cutting can be carried without conventional profiling attachment.

FastCut China project: Integrated automation

At present, FastCut has a branch in Kunshan, China and is named, POWRTECH MACHINERY CO., LTD. The plant is constructed with several floors and the space is wide for unlimited storage. Mr. Wu established a service team for local users. The Chinese branch focuses on the development of Chinese industrial needs and is expected to become an operation center. Wu is optimistic about the market in China.