Written by Cheng Lin

The core of external success is internal control

It takes considerable time and effort to perfect the manufacture of precision workpieces. Taiwan is a place where you can find machines that offer lathing, milling, and grinding, the three primary processing solutions in metal product making. There are thousands of metalworking suppliers in central Taiwan, from upstream to downstream. They produce machine tools and components for the global market.
Compared to its rivals around the world, machine tool producers in Taiwan focus in C/P value adjustment and customization services simply because the metalworking supply chain in Taiwan serves as a big manufacturing hub rather than a single metalworking factory with production lines and modernized management systems.

Surface grinding technology

There are many companies specializing in surface grinding technology in central Taiwan. With the abundant resources nearby brought by their location advantage, these firms create world class grinders, in which 90% of the components used are sourced from domestic suppliers. Taiwanese grinding machine makers work closely with top-notch buyers from precision mold and aerospace sectors. The two sectors occupy a high percentage of Taiwan’s grinder output. Taiwan producers are considered knowledgeable in the latest processing trends including future ideas due to the fact that they deal with demanding entreaties from customers.
Grinders produce precision aerospace parts and assemblies ranging from large pumps to miniature ball screw pumps to gears and shafts. Aside from precision aerospace, Taiwanese grinders are also used for precision table grinding. Dealing with an international company such as American GE strengthens local grinding technology know-how.

Critical management technology

Taiwan manufacturers are equipped with in-house production lines at their facilities. While the supply chain functions on a certain level of manufacturing, local grinder builders demand that suppliers provide their various needs. Taiwan grinding makers produce their own grinder spindles. Some well-known spindle development facilities also produce turning and milling spindles, while others produce lathes and milling machines at the same time.
For lathe and milling spindles below 15,000 RPM, some companies produce it in house. As for high-end vertical lathes and milling machines, professional domestic spindle suppliers does everything. Almost 70% of lathes and milling machines are used in automotive sector. Another Taiwan lathes and milling equipment user is BYD AUTO. Taiwanese imports Japanese automation system to help robotic arm installation, which further elevates the lathe and milling machine service quality. One successful case is a 55m forging aluminum wheel manufacturing line that produces one large forging aluminum wheel in 3 minutes.
Famous Taiwan products are SMART-B1640III, FSG-6016DC, FVM-8088(3026)DC, FVL-1250VTC+C machines suitable for use in motorcycles, automotive, precision molds, and energy sectors all over the world.

Future prospects

Taiwanese grinding business is a sector with long history starting with surface grinder, and now adding lathes and milling machines. Top Taiwanese grinding manufacturers support the global automotive and aerospace companies as it continues to advance its management and technology. It is believed that with more technology and new concepts introduced, the local grinding sector will further grow in the world market.