Taiwan has been making machine tools even before the industrialization began in the early 1950s. For more than 60 years, Taiwan has established itself as a strong industrial manufacturing hub as it is a time-tested and reliable center of gravity for regional commerce, exporting hundreds of thousands of machine tools and relevant components to the global market. Using the most advanced technology, about 60% of Taiwan’s machine tools are used for the automobile industry due to practical benefits, such as achieving low price without compromising on quality and performance.
Taiwan is recognized for its strength, good service and flexibility. As the manufacturing sector in the Latin America is booming, Taiwan is equipped in providing the finest machine tools for all manufacturers in the region.
Saving cost and assuring quality
Taiwanese machine tool suppliers are skilled in customized-machine construction focusing, building according to specific requirements. Taiwan has been exploring the Latin American market for more than two decades. For instance, the TMV-850A vertical machine center, and HB-630 series horizontal machine center are widely distributed in this area for different manufacturing purposes. These machines were built for the specific needs of Tier 2 suppliers of VW, GM, TOYOTA, HONDA, FORD, and FITA including processing cylinder blocks, brake disks, brake drums, brake frames, cylinders, steering knuckles and other critical automotive components.
In processing automotive components, the X/Y/Z axis strokes of TMV-850A reach 850mm/ 500mm/ 530mm, and the corresponding axis rapid traverse rates are 36/36/30 m/min, with maximal loading capacity of 800 kg. The processing range of TMV-850A is designed to cover most automotive components. Supported by big diameter pre-loaded ball screw, the thermal expansion issues are basically solved. Moreover, servo motors are directly coupled with the ball screws, ensuring machine rigidity and accuracy. Engineer stated that the design of TMV-850A adopts maze type mechanical seal and air blowing advantages, preventing entry of coolant and fragments in spindle bearings. These two main advancements make this type of machine highly valued.
Another type of Taiwan machine tool equipment used by many customers in Latin America is the four-axis horizontal turning, called GLS-2000LY. It supports the processing demands of MERCEDES BENZ, NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA, and others. Furthermore, this machine is also chosen by MAHLE. MAHLE headquarters purchased GLS-2000 LY to process high-end products due to its outstanding processing capability. The machine is mid-sized with maximal turning diameter of Φ 430mm and maximal turning length of 630mm. The processing range of GLS-2000 LY makes it very popular in manufacturing transmission parts, drive shafts, steering shafts, cylinder blocks and brake systems.
FIAT Brazil and TRW are also regular patrons of Taiwan machine tools. The CSL FC-TF10/TP10 turning machine is able to process both sides of clamped workpiece at the same time, reducing complicated clamping procedures and ensuring compact manufacture. The clamp system of CSL FC-TF10/TP10 is developed in the center, hence both sides of workpiece are able to be processed simultaneously. The center-drive spindle is designed by integrating spindle, rotation cylinder, and chuck into one body unit, and the unique design is further reinforced, ensuring heavy cutting.
Fixed single spindle, two movable turrets, and twin CNC systems are the features of CSL FC-TF10/TP10. The two turrets can operate simultaneously and carry out different cutting processes on both sides. Therefore, shafts, rods, and tubes are subject to the machine perfectly. In the case of processing steering shafts, CSL FC-TF10/TP10 saves time and promises high concentricity due to the mentioned advantages.
Taiwan suppliers not only sell their machines to the global market but also help the buyers in providing information regarding the equipment they wish to purchase. With the substantial technical know-how offered by these suppliers, purchasers are able to save in R&D and at the same time move closer to their target market.
Importing advanced technology
Taiwan has been supporting Brazil’s automotive industry and Mexico’s export-oriented manufacturing for quite a while now. In fact, they are also supporting Russia and China in terms of domestic and export businesses.
Aside from the automotive industry, Taiwan machine tools are also being utilized in manufacturing large-size workpieces for other heavy-duty products. Large- size CNC lathes LC/LC/LL series are used by professional users to process turbine discs, supporting the supply chains of aerospace giants: GE and AIRBUS.
With the greater Taichung metalworking supply chain that covers more than 60 km2 in the central part of Taiwan, suppliers from Taiwan find it easy to manage different manufacturing challenges. They are skilled at assisting purchasers in arranging their production lines (Be it a manufacturing project, processing blueprint, cost calculation engineering and other services regarding product flexibility).
Investing in Taiwan machine tools
The machine tool industry in Taiwan is a cohesive industry, which is far different from the machine tool environment in Germany and Japan. It is not controlled by large corporations. Taiwan represents a variety of products and diverse strengths. Their distinction makes them unique in the world and allows them to deal with complicated and difficult order requests.
Taiwan’s machine tool is moving into the era of five-axis machining centers that is widely applied in a range of sectors, such as aerospace, energy, mold, railway, military, automotive and motorcycle. Investing in a Taiwan machine can help you save your outlay, while introducing high-end but practical metalworking processes. Taiwan suppliers have been working with each other for the past six decades to develop a complete supply chain that covers upstream to downstream, ranging from casting, linear guide, working table, the fifth axis, spindle, tool magazine, ATC system, locknuts, bearings, tools, power turrets, domestic controller, assembly engineering, automation design, and other important optional processing parts.
High in-house manufacturing rate is the key to customization, and Taiwan is a pro in this area. It is positioned to supply machine tools that generate more competitive advantages and opportunities.