Written by Cheng Lin

A well-developed machine tool sector is one of the key indicators of industrial performance. In this sector, the known world leaders come from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan as manufacturers from these areas lead the world market with innovative functions and applications. Taiwan-made machine tools are well known for their high quality and excellent performance. In Taiwan, Hartford (SHE HONG INDUSTRIAL) is one of the oldest machining center companies. The company has been able to develop its own full production line, with the ability to control quality. Hartford has 500 employees now and produces over 2,000 machining centers per year.

All-in-one production line turns out 90% of product components

Having been delving into the field of machining centers for decades, Hartford knows the importance of handling well a full production line and anticipating obstacles that may arise. In its 70,000 sq.m. plant, the company produces its own spindles, tool magazines, headstocks, and many other key components. With its R&D team of 90 machining center experts, the company can provide its valuable services to the manufacturing sector.
Since its full production line covers all components, Hartford has been able to achieve good management of the machine quality and can develop special equipment, such as extraordinarily large-sized moving column machine centers; the machine is designed especially for super large and heavy pieces. This machine can process accurate milling, boring, drilling, and tapping. The linear guide is designed in the perfect ratio in the triangular proportion, thus making it perform steadily even when it is moving at high speed. The machine integrates many processing procedures into one, offering customers integrated solutions.
The precision boring machine center is also a demonstration of Hartford’s advanced industrial capability. For years the company tries to move ahead of Japanese competitors that it has poured resources on the development of boring processing. The special precision boring machine has large-sized columns and unique base structure, enhancing the machine rigidity substantially. Moreover, for the rigidity reinforcement, in the back side of the base there is a guide rail spanning 1140mm/ width of single guide 250mm, which also helps enhance rigidity. With the highest spindle torque 6538N-m, the heavy cutting ability of this machine is better than its Japanese competitors in the same machine standard. The spindle is driven by spur gear and features 4 speeds ranging from high speed to low speed, promising a wide range of boring procedures.

Innovative spirit

The commitment to improve the full production line it offers has helped the company boost its product quality and features that Hartford now has the highest number of patents among all Taiwanese brands. The company at present holds 52 patents and there are still 106 on-going patent projects.
Hartford employee recruitment and further training are key to its growth. As a result, Hartford has a rigid recruitment process for its R&D personnel. Among the 90 people who are member of its team, 65% have master’s degrees and the company maximizes this advantage with governmental research resources. Hartford works closely with government-founded central industry research center, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI), to make its component development even better. The on-going project includes five axis bassinet table project, A axis dynamic head and C axis table project, five axis head BC axis development project. Aside from the ITRI cooperation, Hartford also works with research-intensive universities in Taiwan to develop more cutting-edge technologies. Hartford knows that multi-cooperation with different people inspires various innovations.

Market expansion

Hartford’s exports of machine tools accounts for 16.7% Taiwan machine tool export and now the company has regular customers in 65 nations. Hartford has 300 international offices around the world serving its customers. In the China market, Hartford has established 33 sale/ services centers and has deeply cultivated its involvement in the local market. Hartford is a classic example of a successful Taiwanese brand promoting Taiwan image in the world market.