Litz Hitech Corp.

Established in 1987, Litz Hitech Corp. has dedicated itself in R&D and manufacturing of the CNC machining centers. Litz’s core products include CNC Vertical Machining Centers, 5 Axes High-Precision Machines, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Horizontal Milling Centers, High-Speed Tapping Centers, Boring Centers and Ultrasonic Applications. Today, Litz Hitech outputs more than 2,000 machines annually and is aggressively expanding year after year.



Contact Us

  • Location : Taichung, Taiwan
  • Address : No.18 Yu 9 Road, Yu-Shih Industrial Park,Tachia District, Taichung City, Taiwan
  • TEL : +886-4-2681-5711
  • FAX : +886-4-2681-5712
  • website : http://www.litzhitech.com/
  • EMAIL : sales@litzhitech.com


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