Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd (known as KAFO) was founded in 1968. It has been grown up together with Taiwan Machinery Industry Market. We produce all kinds of traditional milling machine and modern Vertical/Horizontal/Double Column/Bridge type of machining center completely. We know everything about machining with the highest possible precision and we produce the machine to do this.



Contact Us

  • Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Location : Taichung, Taiwan
  • Address : No.16, Keya Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428
  • TEL : +886-4-2566-2116
  • FAX : +886-3-362-7267
  • website : http://www.kafo.com.tw/
  • EMAIL : kafo@kafo.com.tw


KAFO Product

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