Fair Friend Group (FFG) was established in 1979 with the founding principles of reliability,growth,continuous advancement,best in quality,and strive for excellence. FFG consists of four major divisions of businesses: (1) Machine Tool Division,(2) PCB Division,(3) Industry Equipment Division,and (4) Green Energy Division. Products ranges from CNC machine tools,power tools & equipment , forklifts , construction machinery,parking garage equipment,pneumatic equipment,printed circuit boards,LCD monitors & TV,solar cell conductive adhesives,LED lighting , magnesium alloy forging,and testing equipment for semiconductor & LED wafer. FFG has 74 production and operational bases worldwide collaborating together to share the group’s global resources. Transforming from dealer to manufacturer and from traditional industry to high-tech industry enabled FFG to advance not only in management and technology but also in the quality of products and services that meet or surpass international standards.

With China’s rapid economic development and global expansion,FFG set up its China subsidiary – Hangzhou Good Friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. in 1993 in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou city. The main products at this operation include CNC machine tools,parking garage system,and forklift. Since 1993,with our employees’ dedicated efforts and the support from government,Hangzhou Good Friend has become the biggest foreign-owned machine tool manufacturer in China. It also earned Xiaoshan Development Zone’s prestigious “Top Ten Economic Contribution Corporation” award. To adapt the need of rapid corporate development,FFG has subsequently established its Xiasha and Jiangdong Industrial Campuses. Xiasha Industrial Campus includes Hangzhou Leadwell CNC Machine Tools Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.,and Hangzhou Ever Friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. with the total investment of USD 135 millions. These three companies are now all in operation and production. The main products include double column machining center,horizontal machining center,five axis machining center,and forklifts.
With improvement and perfection of management,technology,quality,marketing,service,and suppliers,Hangzhou Good Friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been successfully listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in January 2006 (stock code: 2398). The listed company, Good Friend International Holdings Inc.,is the first company listed in year 2006 in Hong Kong and also the first CNC machine tools / parking equipment / forklift manufacturer listed in Hong Kong. The government officials have paid a lot of attention and offered a great deal of support on the development of Hangzhou Good Friend. FFG capitalized this opportunity and used it as the motivation to speed up the development of Hangzhou Good Friend,expanding market penetration in China,and implementing regional strategy.
FFG’s Jiangdong Industrial Campus currently includes Hangzhou Glory Friend,Hangzhou Feeler Takamaz,and Anest Iwata-Feeler. This campus will congregate companies from Taiwan,Japan,America,and Europe. It will form a complete supply chain network as well as a stable logistic system and become a global machine tools manufacturing center. With the complete CNC industry supply chain,global-resourced R&D capability, extensive sales network,FFG is expected to produce 45,000 CNC machine tools annually in 2018,and become the leading group in global machine tools industry.
Since its establishment,FFG has always upheld the philosophy of building win-win relationships with shareholders,customers,suppliers,and employees. FFG also recognizes the importance and necessity of fulfilling its social responsibilities by practicing the belief of “taking from society and feeding back to society”. FFG also realizes how its social responsibility can promote internalization in the daily operation and management of the corporation in order to really create a new corporate brand image and value,in order to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development. Looking into the future,by viewing the related communication and information feedback of internal and external stakeholders,FFG will establish mutually beneficial win-win partnership with shareholders , customers,vendors,and employees to achieve sustainable development. All colleagues at FFG will strive to be a good corporate citizen with goals of implementing corporate social responsibility.



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