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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 19, 2018

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SEYI Shieh Yih Machinery Tied with ABB Best Partners for Metal Stamping Automation

SEYI Shieh Yih Machinery Tied with ABB  Best Partners for Metal Stamping Automation

March 6th 2017, Taipei – With the emerging era of intelligent manufacturing, worldwide famous metal stamping machine manufacturer – SEYI (Shieh Yih) Machinery (4533TT) partnered with international leading industrial robotics supplier ABB, offering customers professional metal stamping automation solutions.

Industrial applications and metal stamping materials are developing at an amazing speed. Besides improving the designs and functions of both mechanical and servo presses, SEYI Machinery is currently working strategically with ABB to be able to meet their client’s needs. Offering solutions like one press with one robot, one press with multiple robots, or multiple presses with multiple robots will allow customers to complete automatic production solutions. In addition, SEYI will be applying their “Intelligent Stamping Line Control System”, developed in-house, to offer more advanced metal stamping solutions that leads to the advantages of intelligent production.

“In this transforming age of manufacturing, it is unavoidable for operators to work with industrial robots. Robots spare operators from repeated and risky work, while greatly increasing the quality of stamped parts and productivity. Through the years, ABB has been an important partner for SEYI in developing automation systems. With the increasing customer requirements for automation, we have solid faith that win-win outcomes can be expected based on the cooperation between ABB and our company.” Chairman and CEO Ms. Claire Kuo said with great confidence.

SEYI customers can now experience live stamping automation. A demonstration cell has been set up at their headquarters, located in Taoyuan City, which shows the most advanced servo press of SEYI, together with ABB robots (SDG2-400, straight side crank servo press, with ABB 6 axis robot IRB6700 plus 7th linear axis; SD1-200, solid frame crank servo press, with ABB 6 axis robot IRB4600). All customers are warmly welcomed to visit SEYI’s demonstration cell during 2017 TIMTOS Taipei International Machine Tool Show, from March 7th to 12th 2017.


About SEYI

Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of medium-large servo presses. Main customers are manufacturers in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical instrument, agriculture machine, 3C electronics, construction material, hardware and metal component. We help our customers to gain better position in the market by providing creative and edging technology. Our sales and service network is well arranged around the whole world which allows us to supply our high-end press technology to worldwide customers with best delivery and service.

Servo technology, automation system and intelligent manufacture are the cores of our company strategies and we will keep focusing on their development. Besides promoting our servo press which is highly accurate, highly productive and eco-friendly, we also invest valuable resources on developing large sized presses and automation system integration. Our servo presses have been supplied to many customers in different markets, including a well-known German high-end vehicle manufacturer, as well as famous electrical car maker in USA.

We are confronting the challenges of Intelligent Machine (Industry 4.0) and Intelligent Factory, focusing on integration of communication, control and IoT (Internet of Things) to create a brand-new intelligent manufacture and service mode. We will be building up win-win partnerships within multi-parties, to fulfill customer requirements and optimize supplier chain.

SEYI was established in year 1962, and finished Initial public offering in Taiwan Stock Market in year 2002 (4533 TT)。

If you would like to know more information, please contact with:

Kenneth Wei │ Spokesman

(O): +886-3-352-5466

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