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Taiwan Smart Machinery | June 23, 2018

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The essential role of linear motion components in Industrial 4.0

The essential role of linear motion components in Industrial 4.0

Inside almost every machine made by Taiwan’s top machine tool brands such as TONGTAI and FFG, one can often find numerous key parts made by Taiwanese parts makers. In fact, Taiwan’s machine tool parts manufacturers have played indispensable roles in the success of Taiwan’s machine tool industry.

In the field of Industrial 4.0 and automation, those key parts include linear motion components such as linear guides, ball screws, ball splines and actuators. The precision and durability of these essential components will serve to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the production line and ultimately the quality of the finished workpiece.

TBI MOTION is one of the leading manufacturers of linear motion products in Taiwan. With over 30 years of manufacturing excellence, the company offers a comprehensive range of linear guides, ball screws, ball splines and actuators.

TBI MOTION is a winner of the Taiwan Excellence awards. From the raw materials to the final machining process, the company’s products are 100 percent made in Taiwan and meet the toughest Japanese industry standards.

The TBI MOTION rotary ball screw and spline line is designed to enable the application to move linearly and rotationally in one assembly. It has a symmetrical orientation design between the outer and inner ball screw or spline nut. Both rotary and spiral movement can be achieved simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the TBI MOTION rotary line features a one-piece compact and easy mounting design, with high-speed smoothness in performance. The TBI MOTION rotary line is ideally designed for SCARA robots, industrial robots, pick and place machines, laser engraving, transporting and many other multi-directional applications.

Over the years, TBI MOTION has continued to invest deeply into RD and quality control with the aim of delivering innovative products such as the TR-Series linear guides. The TR-Series is known for its high smoothness, high stability, durability, ease of assembly and environmental friendly design.

The TR-Series is available in several models. One of the most innovative models is the self-lubricating line that comes with an integrated lubricator to streamline the maintenance process. The design can lead to significant gains in terms of both cost and time while also contributing to a greener operation.


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