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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 19, 2018

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The Elections of new TMBA directors: An affirmation of industrial transformation in Taiwan

The Elections of new TMBA directors: An affirmation of industrial transformation in Taiwan

The 4th TMBA Board of Directions Elections on September 29, 2016, resulted in the changing of 27 directors, nine supervisors, and two deputy managing directors.

Winning a popular mandate, Ruei-Xiong Yan, president of TONGTAI GROUP, ascended to the position of chairman, while Ruei-Mu Hsieh, president of Quaser Machine Tools Inc., and Ching-Hua Wang, president of Keyarrow, were both elected deputy managing directors.

With the reformed group working hand in hand, the newly elected directors vowed to lead the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association into an era of transformation. Chairman Yan and the TMBA board have also set their sigts on enhancing cooperation with the government, various research and development corporations, and the acadmic sector.

Reforming the TMBA
Following the elections, the TMBA has retained three elements essential to the reformation of the organization: 1) increased number of females elected, diversity, and inclusion of a younger generation. Among those elected included a significant percentage of women and the youth. Moreover, the number of elected officials holding important positions in the machine tool and the precision component operations recorded a higher ration of 6:4.

A.T.C, lathe machine, grinding machine, and hydraulic presses represent the machine tool sectror, while precision components comprise gears, spindles, magazine tools, coolers, etc. With every machine tool and component sector clearly represented, the members’ aspiration and voice will be heard.

Underlying apprehensions
Amidst a widespread market slowdown, the machine tool sector has bucked the trend since 2014. However, some conditions in the machine tool industry have affected its global standing. In 2006, Tawain was ranked among the world’s top five machine tool suppliers. As of 2014, the nation dropped to 7th place in the same rankings.

There is no denying that the global machine tool market has continued to grow. The Taiwan machine tool industry, however, has not been keeping up with growth, which is a cause for concern. Japan’s turning to China for casting requirements, and at the same tilting of the currency exchange rates towards the nation’s favor, has further dampened the spirit of the local industry, forcing amny Taiwanese component providers to cust costs.
Meanwhile, the Koreans succeeded in raising their country’s competitiveness by offering more competitively priced goods and preferential payment terms. These developments have further threatened growth in the local industry. China’s low-priced offers and improving quality made global competition among machine tool suppliers all the more intense.

Leading towards the future
Faced with such immense chellenges, the elections of the new leaders who will unite the different machine tool sectors and will lead the domestic machine tool and component suppliers to cooperate with academics, researchers, and industrialists have brought fresh hopes.

The role of the TMBA is to integrate all resources and work closely with the government, which has been planning to allocate more funds to boost cooperation between the industry and the academic sector.

Technical training in the industry would be prioritized also when the elected officials assumed office. And their ultimate goal is for Taiwan to become a hub for the development of high-level machine tools and components.

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