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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 16, 2018

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Taiwanese exhibitor’s booth at SIMTOS 2014

Taiwanese exhibitor’s booth at SIMTOS 2014
Taiwan Smart Machinery

Taiwan Machinery Products bring excellence to Korea Manufacturing

“Taiwan Machinery Product Launch and Technical Forum” at SIMTOS 2014, held on April 9, 2014, spotting the unique strength of Taiwan’s metalworking technologies and machine tools in sharpening competitive edges and the business opportunities for Korean manufacturers. Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs, and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the press event serves as a major platform for showcasing the best of breed technologies of key components to drive the metalworking community forward.

Mr. Tung Chung Tseng, Director of Taiwan Trade Center Seoul, said that ”Taiwan is home to many cutting edge products including machinery and machine tools manufacturing. And Taiwan has the world’s most influential machinery cluster because of complete supply chain. Taiwan’s machinery products are geared mostly for the export market, with nearly 80% of machine tool output being exported. In 2013, Taiwan is the world’s fourth largest exporter of machine tool products, and it is expected that Taiwan will become the world’s third largest machine tool exporter, after Japan and Germany.”

The export volume of machine tool parts and accessories from Taiwan to Korea ranked 4th in 2013 and is anticipating a strong growth this year. Looking into the future, Taiwan will play a more substantial role as a machine tool and parts supplier in the global market, aligning with increasing demand from the economic development of Asian countries, including Korea.

Taiwan’s machine tools are helping industries in every country to innovate and shape their product competiveness. Solar energy plants, major semiconductors, panels-related industries, as well as multinational car markers all rely on Taiwan for supply of advanced machine tools. Key components for machine tools like ball screws(滾珠螺桿), linier guidelines(線性滑軌), precision motor spindle(精密主軸), diving heads(分度頭), and bearings(軸承) from Taiwan play an significant role to the manufacturing industry. In view of Global village, cooperation by integrating products strength based on specialization becomes an easy way toward success. Korean machine tools manufacturers, while Taiwanese components entering Korean supply chain, can benefit from each other.

Visit Taiwanese exhibitor’s booth at SIMTOS 2014 will have an unprecedented opportunity to explore world class innovation and technology showcase from 42 Taiwanese companies.

Three highlighted Taiwan excellent brands include:

Shin-Yain Industrial Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of high precision tool holders, cutting tools, and accessories that can be used in lathes, milling machines, machine centers, etc.

TBI Motion Technology, Ltd., a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products, Ball Screw, Linear Guide, Ball Spline, Single Axis Robot, Linear Ball Bearing, Coupling, Support Unit, and etc.

LUREN Precision Co., Ltd, specializing in gear cutting tools, spin pumps and machinery.

“Looking ahead, Taiwan, Taiwan’s machinery industry will take advantage of its maturity and count on aggressive innovation and branding efforts to stay ahead of the curve. Taiwanese manufactures stride further to challenge themselves with higher value added value, customer service, improved environmental friendliness and constant refinement. Through these endeavors, Taiwanese machinery will not only distinguish itself from that of the other countries, but also lead other industries full steam ahead to beat the economic countdown for the perpetual growth of both Taiwan and its partners.” concluded Mr. Tseng.



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