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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 17, 2018

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Taiwan’s Smart Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at IMTS 2016

Taiwan’s Smart Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at IMTS 2016

Advances in intelligent manufacturing from Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers will be on display at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) opening today at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The new solutions span smart machining functions such as spindle thermal deflection compensation, remote monitoring, online machining parameter adjustment, tool life management and maintenance management.

Additional advances are being driven by a series of collaborative initiatives among Taiwanese academic institutions, research institutes, and leading machine tool manufacturers. One of these initiatives, for example, involves establishment of a dedicated chatter research lab that is tasked with developing intelligent online monitoring software that can be embedded in machine controllers to reduce instability from vibrations during the cutting process that can damage tools or products. The results are expected to drive a 20%+ increase in machine tool efficiency and thereby shorten production cycles.

Taiwanese companies that are exhibiting Industry 4.0 solutions at IMTS 2016 include:

  • Ching Hung Machinery & Electric Co./CHMER (Booth E-4856) is featuring Industry 4.0 enhancements to its new GX+ Series Linear Drive Wire Cut EDM, including a remote monitoring function enabling technicians to track machine uptime, identify downtime causes, and access quantitative analysis information.
  • Cosen Mechatronics Co. (Booth N-6951) is showcasing the Cosen Predictive Smartsaw monitoring system, a proprietary cloud-based technology that transmits sawing performance data in real time. Smartsaw can report issues such as excess vibration, overheating, and changes in fluid line pressure via mobile alerts, making it possible to monitor blade life and accurately predict blade breakage. The company will also be displaying the fully enclosed CNC-530 Intelligent CNC Performance Bandsaw, a 15 HP 20.9″ capacity machine equipped with V-Drive that can cut harder material faster and smarter while also reducing operator errors.
  • Far East Machinery Co./FEMCO (Booth S-8021) has integrated defect-reducing Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM) technology into its wheel machining automation line. Real-time measurements collected during the cutting operation can be instantly sent to designated operators or clients for better quality monitoring, and can also be uploaded to the cloud for future reference.
  • L&L Machinery (Booth S-8790) is introducing a Smart Service for customized CNC lathe design that utilizes virtual and augmented reality to shorten design time and thereby speed machine delivery. The service allows customers to see every detail of the machine on a 3D design platform.
  • Luren Precision Co. (Booth N-6960) is demonstrating two cylindrical gear grinding machines with integrated 4.0 functionality offering the ability to generate the NC code automatically after data input, change input data settings via Teamviewer or Skype, and accommodate automatic loading and unloading via robot.
  • Quaser Machine Tools (Booth S-9451) is featuring 5-axis machining centers with a cell-automation system that facilitates the production of items with small batch sizes by automating tool changing, enabling unmanned operation at night, and supporting remote production monitoring via smartphone.
  • Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co. (Booth S-8158) is showing a CNC lathe incorporating smart manufacturing features including automatic 24-hour production monitoring as well as tracking of all moving parts to ensure timely replacement that prevents production interruptions.
  • Tongtai Group (Booth S-8536) is unveiling smart 5-axis horizontal machining centers that are 20% more productive and 20% more cost-effective than competitive solutions for manufacturing aerospace engine casings. It will also demonstrate the Tongtai Intelligent Manufacturing System (TIMS), which now integrates data on production management, intelligent monitoring, tool management, workpiece management, and repair and maintenance to improve productivity, machine accurately and precisely, and facilitate part production while also providing protection and maintenance assistance for the machine tool.
  • Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. (Booth S-8450) is featuring i-Direct, a digital manufacturing system that optimizes factory management by aggregating information across disparate types and brands of machinery, along with 10 different machining centers designed to meet varying requirements.

A complete list of Taiwanese exhibitors is available at

About Taiwan Machine Tools

As the world’s fifth largest exporter of machine tools and components, Taiwan has averaged $4 billion in exports for each of the last three years from a network of more than 1,000 precision machinery manufacturers and 10,000-plus downstream suppliers. Nearly 80% of the total machine tools output last year was exported to over 138 countries, helping solar energy plants, major semiconductor manufacturers, panel industries, multinational car makers and many others innovate and increase their competitiveness through advanced machine tool products.

The U.S. is the second largest export market for Taiwan machine tools after China/Hong Kong. In 2015, Taiwan supplied 11% of the machining centers, 10% of the lathes and turning centers, and nearly tied Italy for third place in machine tool imports sold in the U.S.

About Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

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