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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 20, 2018

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Taiwanese Machine Tools to be Unveiled on May 21

Taiwanese Machine Tools to be Unveiled on May 21
Taiwan Smart Machinery

Taiwanese Machine Tools to be Unveiled on May 21

(14 May Kuala Lumpur) A series of cutting edge Taiwanese made machines will be unveiled on May 21 at the PWTC during the Taiwan Machine Tool New Products Launch. The event is aimed at introducing machines from Taiwan to Malaysians and to foster greater bilateral trade cooperation.

Manufacturing is one of the pillars of Taiwan and machines are indispensable to the industry. Taiwan has made great strides in the industry, and is now one of the most important machine component suppliers in the world with annual production value of some USD 3 billion. 80% of the output is bound for export, making Taiwan the world’s fourth largest exporter of machine tools.

According to Jessie Tseng, Director of Taiwan Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan is home to many cutting edge technologies and products. The island is a major supplier of machine tools in the global market and has built a strong reputation for high quality products, cementing its position as an important component in the global supply chain.

Malaysia imported some USD 80 million worth of lathes and turning machines in 2013, of which 37.5% (USD 30 million) are imported from Taiwan. Malaysia also imported some USD 100 million worth of machine centers during the same period, and 20% (USD 20 million) are from Taiwan. Trade figures shows that Taiwan is the Malaysian top 3 importer of machine tools and the volume is expected to increase even more this year.

Led by the Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, the Taiwan Machine Tool New Products Launch is one of the key highlights of Malaysia’s Metaltech 2014. The launch will see the introduction of new machines such as CHMER’s High Precision Gantry-type Linear Motor Drive Wire Cutter EDM, Super T-Tangential External Recirculation Ballscrew by Hiwin Technologies,

PV-1318 High-Speed Double-Column Machining Center by Kao Fong Machinery, Advanced Manufacturing Technology-SEYI’s Servo Press by Shieh Yih Machinery Industry, as well as the Compact Precision Gang Type CNC lathe-Q5 by Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd.

Admission is free! Please register early for Taiwan Machine Tool New Products Launch to avoid disappointment. For registration, please contact Mr Tay Thon Young at 03-2031 2388, or email to OR

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