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Taiwan Smart Machinery | June 21, 2018

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Taiwan tops global list of transformation index

Taiwan tops global list of transformation index


Brussels, Feb. 29 (CNA) Taiwan was ranked at the top of 129 developing and transitional countries around the world on the transformation index elaborated by a German foundation on the basis of their performance in political and economic transformation.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI) analyzes and evaluates whether and how the 129 surveyed countries are steering social change toward democracy and a market economy with a total of 17 criteria, including the stateness, political participation, rule of law, stability of democratic institutions, political and social integration, level of social-economic development, organization of the market and compensation, currency and price stability, private property, welfare regime, economic performance, sustainability, level of difficulty, steering capability, resource efficiency, consensus building and international cooperation.

The BTI aggregates the results of this comprehensive study of transformation processes and political management into two indices: the Status Index and the Management Index. The Status Index, with its two analytic dimensions of political and economic transformation, identifies where each of the 129 countries stand on their path toward democracy under the rule of law and a social market economy.

Throughout the period under review, Taiwan has remained a high performer in terms of democratic politics and liberal market policies. It continues to enjoy a high degree of stateness, meaningful elections, the absence of undemocratic veto actors, stable democratic institutions and a vibrant civil society, the Bertelsmann Stiftung said in its report.

Taiwan’s judiciary is still a weak point, as there are concerns over politically biased judges in high-profile cases and the politically driven selection of high-level court personnel, it added.

Nevertheless, there exists a broad consensus within society that the country’s legal institutions operate reasonably well, it noted.

Of the top-ten list, Taiwan was followed by Estonia, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Chile, Slovakia and Latvia. South Korea was No. 11.

(By Leaf Chiang and Romulo Huang)

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