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Taiwan Smart Machinery | June 21, 2018

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Taiwan’s Aircraft Ambition

2016-01-07 |

Various machine tool builders in Taiwan eye the aircraft industry. Some have formed an alliance that is now working with a research institute to tailor machines for more effective processing of aircraft workpieces.

For Taiwan, making aircraft parts represents a promising avenue for future growth. The island is already well established in sectors such as automotive manufacturing, but it still has plenty of room to advance in the aircraft industry. Yet one important challenge in profiting from that advance relates to the machines that make these parts. Taiwanese aircraft part makers often do not use Taiwanese machine tools, but instead rely more on Japanese, German and other foreign-made machines that have a proven history in aerospace part production. If Taiwan’s machine tool builders could increase their share of the country’s own growing aircraft part-making activity, the result could be a big win for these builders—particularly since the machines developed through this effort would be attractive to foreign aircraft part producers as well. Read More

Record turnout expected at TIMTOS 2015

2015-03-02 | 1

TIMTOS is now Asia’s second largest machine tool show. This year the show is projected to smash its own records by attracting a huge turnout of domestic and international buyers.

Already 1,015 exhibitors have signed on for TIMTOS to occupy … Read More