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Taiwan Smart Machinery | June 23, 2018

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Machine tool makers see increase in global orders

2016-04-08 |

Taiwanese machine tool makers Goodway Machine Corp (程泰機械) and Tongtai Machine and Tool Co (東台精機) yesterday said that orders and demand are on the rise, indicating that the nation’s machine tool industry is recovering from last year’s slump.

Goodway Machine, which makes computerized numerical control latches, said that orders from the automobile and aviation sectors picked up in the past two months. The company has received about NT$500 million (US$15.43 million) in orders for lathes, which are expected to cover its capacity for two months, it said. Read More

Nano System installs Tongtai 2-station drill machine at Colonial Circuits

2016-02-17 |


Nano System Incorporated has announced the installation of a Tongtai Model SD-216B CNC drilling machine at Colonial Circuits in Fredericksburg, VA. This machine is equipped with 160,000 rpm Westwind air bearing spindles and the NSI optical inner layer registration system. Automatic tool change with 300 tools per station; tool diameter, length, and dynamic runout check; and a blind via depth control system accurate to ± 20 microns will provide Colonial Circuits with industry leading capability to fabricate HDI multilayer PCB’s with very accurately placed blind and buried vias and line widths and spacing down to 50 microns.
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Tongtai signs MOU with NARLabs to open up 3D printing for medical market

2015-09-08 |

Tongtai, one of Taiwan’s major machine tool companies, has signed an MOU with the Instrument Technology Research Center of the National Applied Research Laboratories (ITRC NARLabs) on August 19, to help in its development of 3D printing technology for the medical market through a win-win strategy The scope of the agreement covers research and development of 3D printing medical equipment, metal implantation, and other applications. Read More

Fair Friend Group acquires MAG, becomes a major player in global automotive industry

2015-08-28 |

TAIPEI — Jimmy Chu, chairman of Fair Friend Group (FFG,友嘉集團), Taiwan’s largest machine tool maker, announced his company’s successful acquisition of the global automotive supplier MAG IAS GmbH on August 23. The acquisition has created a synergy between FFG and MAG.

MAG, which is the world’s largest provider of turnkey solutions, tools and services, will boost FFG’s market position as a major player in the global automobile industry. Read More

Machine tool manufacturers accelerate production productivity

2014-08-22 |

Machine tool manufacturers accelerate production productivity

(China Times) Taiwan’s machine tool exports this year is on track to gain an increase of 8 to 10 percent from last year driven by the global economy improvement. Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., … Read More

Malaysia’s METALTECH

2014-04-18 | 1

Taiwan Machine Tools:Helping Shape Malaysia’s Innovative Future Taiwan Machine Tools:Helping Shape Malaysia’s Innovative Future

The “Taiwan Machinery Products” Launch to be held on May 21st at Metaltech 2014 will highlight the technological strengths of Taiwan’s metalworking and machine tools industries. … Read More