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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 19, 2018

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“Smart Dimensions in Shaping New Perspectives in Taiwan Industry” Product Launch & Press Conference at EMO 2017

“Smart Dimensions in Shaping New Perspectives in Taiwan Industry” Product Launch & Press Conference at EMO 2017

Hannover–The Taiwan Product Launch at EMO Show 2017 will highlight the technological strengths of Taiwan’s metalworking and machine tool industries. To showcase an assortment of workpieces as well as smart manufacturing products and solutions from Taiwan, the conference will aim to enhance the local machining industry’s competitive edge, especially for the aerospace manufacturing sector.

Ambassador Hsieh, representing the Taiwan Representative Office in Germany, stressed that Taiwan is aspiring to become a global manufacturing hub for intelligent machinery and high-end equipment. The nation is steering towards this direction through the implementation of the Intelligent Machinery Program (IMP), which is one of President Tsai Ing-wen’s five major industrial development programs. The IMP is designed to strengthen the industry’s intelligent manufacturing value chain and services through the development of customized machinery for the US$5-trillion aerospace manufacturing market.

Today’s machinery manufacturers are facing not only increasing calls for shortening production cycle times and provision of small quantity, large variety of products, they are also required to ensure that effective distribution, use of various production resources, and incorporation of IoT and big data technologies into production be available so as to allow a higher level of autonomy and security in the factory.

Demands for such will ensure substantial flexibility, which will allow real-time adjustments according to prevailing conditions. Very few at present are capable of providing such extensive possibilities; one of which is Taiwan, which can help manufacturers achieve autonomous and secured production with its smart manufacturing solutions.

Walter Yeh, president and CEO of TAITRA, mentioned that nearly 80% of total machine tool output of Taiwan last year was exported to over 138 countries. The export value of Taiwan-made machine tools in 2016 reached US$2.89 billion, making Taiwan the world’s 5th biggest exporter of machine tools in the year.

During the January-to-August period of this year, Taiwan exported machine tools totaling US$ 2.12 billion, increasing 14.3% from the same period a year ago. Metal cutting machines accounted for 1.77 billion US dollars, increasing by 14.4%, while metal forming machines generated US$ 358 million, up 13.5% compared from the same period a year before.

Germany was the fourth largest destination for Taiwan-made machine tools last year, contributing US$ 109.78 million to Taiwan’s machinery exports. Meanwhile, from January to August this year, Taiwan’s exports to the German market reached 85.138 million, increasing 21.2% compared with the same period last year, making Germany the third largest export market for Taiwan machinery. Taiwan also exported machine tools to other major industrial nations, including China, US, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Russia, all of which also posted significant growth.

Of the total lathes and turning machines shipped last year, Germany absorbed around US$ 499.53 million worth of such equipment. accounting for 4.05% of the nation’s machinery demand valuing at US$ 20.24 million. Germany also imported machining centers totaling US$ 561.23 million in the year, with Taiwan supplying 7.65% of its requirements, valuing at some US$ 42.92 million. Exports of machining centers from Taiwan to Germany were the 6th highest last year, whereas exports of lathes and turning machines from Taiwan to Germany were 7th highest in the year.

  • Key Developments in Smart Manufacturing  

To meet the growing global demand for smart manufacturing equipment that can meet the challenges in the Industry 4.0 era, Taiwanese machinery companies are scrambling to turn out more sophisticated machine models with advanced technology features.

  • Asia Pacific Elite Corp (APEC) is a 5-axis machining center manufacturing specialist. Its machines are capable of processing parts and components for aerospace, automotive, and die/mold industries. This year it launched several amazing machine units, which included Hybrid 5X, which is a brand-new high rail 5-axis gantry machine with 5 axis automatic changing system. This allows the manufacturer to accomplish “hybrid” machining with a single machine, which can also be equipped with a heavy-duty milling head, a high-power, high-speed 5-axis head, or a customized head.

Both rough machining and finishing can be carried out with the same machine. And processing of different materials, including Ti alloy and Al alloy, is possible. This helps users save on investing in multiple machines.

APEC also introduced recently a machine vision monitoring system. Dubbed “Eye Sight”, it features multiple cameras to capture continuous status in a working zone. Through high-speed computerization, it allows real-time 3D capture of objects in the working zone, including operator, workpiece, jig & fixture, tool, spindle and 5-axi head, etc. Eye Sight is capable of providing various monitoring and security tasks, making it a great innovation for machining. (Hall 27 B09)

  • Accutex machines are equipped with machine-to-machine (M2M) protocol to collaborate with robots and other machines. Flexible real-time production can be achieved with its Intelligent Manufacturing System, which can meet full-automation requirement.

Accutex was founded in 1991 by a group of engineers who shared the same forward-thinking ideas and who were involved in a research initiated by the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Over the last 25 years AccuteX has been successful in developing and refining cutting-edge wire-cut EDM technologies. Each AccuteX-made machine stands for high precision and advanced technology. (Hall 13 B101)

  • AWEA is constantly working towards creating smart machinery. Its iConsole™ allows automatic optimization of spindle speed and feed rates in real-time and based on various sensor inputs. It can detect tool breakage as well as tool wear, and will react according to predefined instructions. The motors are equipped with load and temperature sensors that trigger staggered responses, such as initiating visible and audible warnings, slowing down the machine, or even safely interrupting the machining process before any permanent damage can occur.

AWEA also incorporates new multipoint touch screens that have vastly improved user interface. \display is customizable and scalable. Combined with touch screen optimized input methods, this will increase productivity significantly.

Future machines from AWEA will be equipped with more sensors and other components to collect additional data. The information will be transmitted to other machines, a central server, or a human operator for further processing. The machines will also be able to receive data and instructions from external sources and process these autonomously. (Hall 27, D12)

  • COSEN launched in 2014 the world’s first Industry 4.0 solution MechaLogix in band saws. The company is a pioneer in providing a mobile service platform for worry-free cutting. Offering online machine and tool health assessment and real-time monitoring, CPC MechaLogix enables operators and managers to minimize machine downtime and increase operational profit with improved insight on machine operations, maintenance and production planning.

Taking to the next step, CPC MechaLogix integrates sawing and machining in a single platform. A personal smart factory on the cloud is now within reach and at reasonable budget. From anywhere and at any given time, CPC MechaLogix allows seeing of the invisible. Check out the latest mobile app of CPC MechaLogix and Cosen’s new C4 at EMO Hannover 2017 as well as Cosen’s newly developed C4 and C5, which are servo-actuated heavy-duty bandsaw machines, and are super-rigidly built from the Cosen gene. These machines offer more user-friendly features, with automatic first cut, automatic material library with recommended parameters, full-color guiding touch screens, and mobile app service platform for machine and tool use. (Hall 15, Stand D82)

  • HIWIN will present its state-of-art technologies that include the highly integrated and synchronized 6-Axis Robot Next Generation Intelligent ballscrew, EtherCAT-certified servo motor system, high performance direct drive rotary table, VDI tool holder, diversified direct drive linear motion systems, and various key components. The main highlight is Star War with a 4-robot synch-control system, which will demonstrate how capable the technology can really do. Also, with HIWIN’s products, customers can easily achieve real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and control.

HIWIN’s newly developed Intelligent ballscrew has embedded sensors to monitor machine dynamic conditions that may greatly improve productivity and prevent unforeseen damage. Moreover, HIWIN’s dual-axis direct drive rotary table equipped with HIWIN’s torque motor and cross-roller bearing will allow machining up to 5-axis high accuracy level.

Meanwhile, the full range of HIWIN robots, 6-Axis, Delta & SCARA, can help to build an excellent intelligent automation system. By supplying integrated core products for metalworking and automation, HIWIN is your best partner in the era of Industrie 4.0. (Hall 7, C32)

  • FFG (Hall 14) is the founding member of Industrie 4.0 Working Group in Germany. It also has taken part in German B.M.B.F. (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Research Program since 2013. Currently, FFG has 15 global strategic partners across different industrial sectors, and successfully integrates Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to provide smart manufacturing solutions from the top floor to the shop floor. FFG formed the first Industry 4.0 Alliance in CNC Machine Tool industry and formed an alliance with global leading companies like SIEMENS, FANUC, BOSCH, KUKA, SAP, and B&R as a unique global strategic partner. FFG Industry 4.0 architecture is based on the following three segments:

Smart Machine Tools: Through Internet of Every Machine gateway (IoEM GW), they bring internet connectivity to every single machine in the factory, allowing real time management and monitoring of manufacturing process.

Smart Manufacturing: Lateral integration of different manufacturing facilities using the unified communication protocol OPC-UA to integrate collected manufacturing data into its self-developed iSCADA System. The manufacturing data can easily be retrieved in between different production lines or factories to create Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).

Smart Factory and Services: Cloud-based SCADA (iSCADA) architecture can easily integrate with existing factory operations management system, like ERP, PLM, SCR, CRM, etc. Additionally, the FFG cloud services offer Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligent (Machine Learning), and worldwide factory remote access monitoring to provide turnkey solutions for Industry 4.0 factories.

  • YCM will debut its high precision horizontal machining center NH500A-6PC, which is perfect for industries with high production machining at EMO 2017. Equipped with 120T ATC and 6 APC (Automatic Pallet Changer system), NH500A 6PC can reduce manual operation, and meet the needs for rapid and high-volume production. The advanced YCM FANUC MXP 200FB control is integrated to boost performance of machines higher

YCM will present the latest IoT solution – iDirect – to echo EMO 2017’s theme “Connecting Systems for Intelligent Production.” With the new i-Direct IoT platform, plant managers and owners can easily track production status, manage factory utilization and monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It also pinpoints bottlenecks in production. The I-Direct platform also allows linking of all equipment with various CNC controllers and machine types, including manually operated equipment. The i-Direct IoT platform will improve productivity.

YCM continues to develop intelligent functions for machines to optimize performance and lifespan. Intelligent spindles and drive systems automatically enhance machining time, while minimizing machining vibration to achieve best surface finish and tool life. Intelligent functions also monitor health of the equipment and predict future failure of spindle and drive system, thus allows scheduled maintenance to prevent sudden failure of equipment, which may  disrupt production. (Hall 27, C24)

  • Tongtai In recent years has mainly focused on intelligent machine, hybrid additive manufacturing and aerospace part manufacturing. With the concept of intelligent machines, Tongtai has developed TIMS (Tongtai Intelligence Manufacturing System) and TLM (Tongtai Line Management) to enable operators to easily control production status in order to improve machining efficiency. Tongtai has constantly developed multi-axes and multi-tasking machines, such as 5-axis horizontal machining centers. It integrates software and hardware to meet the requirements of high flexibility, thus successfully bringing Tongtai into the field of aerospace manufacturing.

In additive manufacturing, Tongtai has successfully developed equipment for additive and hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing. Tongtai also teamed up with Optomec, manufacturer of 3D printed metal and electronics systems, on new hybrid additive manufacturing equipment. Looking into the future, Tongtai will provide more competitive products for the metal 3D printing market. (Hall 27 B09; Hall 12, A22)

  • Taiwan Machine Tools @ EMO 2017

At EMO 2017, over 180 builders from Taiwan will be showcasing their latest models of smart machinery. Several critical elements for the successful deployment of smart manufacturing user experience will also be featured. Taiwan’s machinery emphasizes high precision, stable performance and IoT build-ups and, of course, this is offered at comparably affordable prices. Here are some additional highlights from Taiwan for the upcoming EMO 2017:

  1. Visualized control platform: Visualized information for easy reading and is equipped with enterprise resource planning (ERP) for real-time production management.
  2. Single machine intelligence: Further advancement of high-end machine tools with carrying smart management software to achieve safety guarding, troubleshooting, data optimizing, precision checking, error compensation, etc.
  3. Equipped with flexible manufacturing system (FMS).
  4. Standardizing and fully utilizing information and communication technology (ICT).
  5. Total solution service: With continuing collect feedback on machining experience from customers. Taiwan machine builders offer a customized manufacturing solution for different industries.
  6. Green production to lower energy cost and machining waste.
  • Proving high and stable quality production through A-Team

Another important factor in shaping Taiwan new transformation into smart production lies upon the new formation of the aerospace alliance A-Team. A forecast conducted by Boeing and Airbus suggested that the global aerospace industry still has another 5 trillion USD growth capacity in the next 20 years. The civil aircraft market is another advanced manufacturing opportunity for Taiwan machine tool makers.

The aerospace producers in Taiwan such as Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) signed a memorandum with 14 Taiwan machine tool manufacturers in January 2017, providing a new platform for Taiwan machine tool manufacturers to supply high quality machines for aerospace part and component manufacturing. It helps cultivate these manufacturers to be recognized as qualified machine producers with matching strict standards in aerospace industry. Taiwan has always been a part of the world’s newest Industry 4.0 development.


  1. 28 universities from northern to southern Taiwan have also formed a smart machinery university alliance to promote collaboration between academics and the industry to train talent.
  1. The 5+2 innovative industries announced last August include green technology, smart machinery, aerospace, etc. – as five innovative industries. The two additional industries are new agriculture and circular economy.


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