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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 19, 2018

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Machine tool manufacturers accelerate production productivity

Machine tool manufacturers accelerate production productivity
Taiwan Smart Machinery

Machine tool manufacturers accelerate production productivity

(China Times) Taiwan’s machine tool exports this year is on track to gain an increase of 8 to 10 percent from last year driven by the global economy improvement. Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd (台中精機) spent NT$ 3.8 billion on its new manufacture facilities. Hiwin Technologies Corp. (上銀科技), AWEA Mechantronic Co., Ltd (亞崴機電), Goodway Machine Corp. (程泰機械), Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd (高鋒工業), Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd (協易機械工業), and Tongtai Machine & Tool Co. Ltd (東台精機) and other parts and components manufacturers have been aggressively expanding by purchasing new equipments and building new plants to increase productivity.

Hiwin in particular is the most aggressive among all, since it is budgeting an annual capital expenditures from NT$3 to 4 billion for plant investment and expansion. The 6000-plus ping property in Taichung Precision Machinery Park phase two was acquired last year to be the intelligent robot production base. Chiayi Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park facility will be the new addition for ball screws, linear rails, and robot assembly production line, and a new training center. Both of the facilities are expected to start production by the end of this year.

Tongtai executive said because of the improvement of European and China’s economy, it currently has a total order amount worth over NT$2.1 billion, as the order visibility is good until the end of September. Last year, Tongtai applied for leasing agreement with Southern Taiwan Science Park’s 20,000-plus ping property. The 10,000 ping phase one construction is on schedule to start by the end of this year and is projected to finish by the end of 2015. Production for large machining center will start in 2016. The board of directors will finalize the proposal in August.

A director from Goodway pointed out that the corporation and its affiliated company AWEA received combined orders amount of NT$2.3 billion, visible until the end of September-early October. Goodway and AWEA each hold a 16,000 ping property in the Chiayi Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park, scheduled to begin new NT$ 6 billion plant construction this fall. Phase one is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, and start production in early 2016. The annual production output value for both Goodway and AWEA is estimated to increase by at least NT$ 20 billion.

Shieh Yih executive said stamping press orders have been piling up, especially in the past couple of years because of the increased demand for the Chinese automobile industry. The percentage of orders received for medium to large stamping press machines have greatly increased, drastically lowered 3C industry’s industry percentage. Shieh Yih currently has NT$ 1.3 billion worth of orders, which will take at least 3 months to digest. Some orders will not be fulfilled until Q4 or Q1 next year.

Kao Fong’s executive revealed the plant construction in Central Taiwan Science Park phase three will need to purchase around NT$ 300 to 350 million worth of equipment in order to start large gantry production in February, 2015. Kao Fong’s annual production output value is estimated to increase by NT$ 1 billion after the expansion.

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