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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 16, 2018

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Let’s Create a Smart Manufacturing Future Together

Let’s Create a Smart Manufacturing Future Together

Product Launch & Press Conference at Metalloobrabotka 2017

10:30-12:00, May 16th

74C80, Pavilion 7, Level 2, Hall 4, Expocenter

Moscow–The Taiwan Product Application Demo Show (Booth #74C80) at Metalloobrabotka 2017 will highlight the technological strengths of Taiwan’s metalworking and machine tools industries by exhibiting the work pieces and smart manufacturing products/solutions from Taiwan. The event aims to enhance the local manufacturing sectors’ competitive edge, especially the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industries in Russia.

Ambassador David C.Y. Wang, Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission, stressed that Taiwan is aiming to develop into a global manufacturing hub for intelligent machinery and high-end equipment. The Intelligent Machinery Program is one of Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s five major industrial development objectives. The program aims to strengthen the industry value chain in intelligent manufacturing, products and services through customized production and seize opportunities in the US $5.2 trillion aerospace market.

As part of the government plan to build a smart machinery hub in Taichung City, an aerospace component development memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement has been signed between Aerospace Industrial Development Center, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), The Smart Machinery Promotion Office, Taichung City Government and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Under the MOU, AIDC will run pilot projects to test the products before commercialization. Government officials project the aerospace collaboration between different companies will eventually attract international orders that will generate revenue of NT$68.6 billion.

Ray Liang, Vice-chairman of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), stated that in the face of increasing calls in the global market for shortening of production times as well as small quantity, large variety product range, a challenge to today’s manufacturers is to ensure effective distribution and use of various production resources, incorporation of IoT and big data technologies into production so as to allow different units of equipment to communicate with each other, and flexibility in production processes that will allow adjustment according to prevailing conditions – all of which can be achieved with the smart manufacturing solutions from Taiwan. TAMI has invited elites from different fields in academia, industry and research institutes to establish the “Smart Machinery Industry & Academia & Research Committee,” involving the companies like CNC lathe & EDM machinery.

Taiwan has remained one of the major suppliers of machine tools to the Russian market in the past years. Imports of Taiwan-made machine tools in 2016, for instance, reached 96.62 million, which made the nation Russia’s third biggest supplier of machine tools, accounting for 10.31% of its total annual imports, which value 936.92 million US dollars. Looking into the future, Taiwan will assume the role of a major supplier of machine tools and parts to the global market, working with Russia to build a smart manufacturing future together.

Of the total lathes and turning machines rolled out in the January-December period last year, Russia absorbed around US$ 184.76 million worth of such equipment. Taiwan accounted for 14.1% of the total, valuing at US$ 26 million. As for machining centers, Russia imported a total of USD$ 239.32 million during the same period, with Taiwan supplying 19.5% of its requirements in this regard, or some US$ 46.60 million. Exports of machining center from Taiwan to Russia were the 3rd highest last year, whereas exports of lathes and turning machines from Taiwan to Russia ranked the 2nd highest in the year.

◎Key Smart Manufacturing Development

To meet the growing global demand for smart automated manufacturing equipment in line with what has been dubbed “Industry 4.0,” Taiwan’s machinery companies are scrambling to turn out smart models by incorporating advanced information technology into their products.

  • Asia Pacific Elite Corp.(APEC) is the 5 axis machining expert in aerospace manufacturing and automotive die& mold industry. The most complete solutions and turnkey can be provided by APEC. It has successfully researched and developed the equipment for the aircraft engine casing and sold to the domestic aerospace leader Aerospace Industrial Development Center (AIDC) and various well-known aerospace customers. It also won the “Innovation Research Award" presented by Ministry of Economics Affairs recently.
  • Delta has been moving closer to realizing smart manufacturing through years of efforts for the development towards factory and manufacturing monitoring, management, and visualization, as well as IIoT and cloud technology. At Hannover Messe 2017 held in April, Delta impressed its customers by showcasing its innovative Integrated IIoT and Robot Workstation and a broader diversified portfolio of cutting-edge industrial automation products to enable time and resource-efficient customized ordering and production for future manufacturing.
  • FFG/ FEELER is the founding Member of “ Industrie 4.0 Working Group” in Germany, and taking part in German B.M.B.F. (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Research Program since 2013. Currently, FFG has 15 global strategic partners across different industry fields, integrating the Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to provide the smart manufacturing solution from top floor to shop floor. FFG formed the first Industry 4.0 Alliance in CNC Machine Tool industry, alliance with global leading companies like SIEMENS, FANUC, BOSCH, KUKA, SAP, B&R as unique Global Strategic Partner.
  • HIWIN will demonstrate its core technology products, including Robots, Rotary Table, Ball Screws, Linear Guideways, Motors, Drives and Bearings. The highlights are the High performance Direct Drive Rotary Table, Smart manufacturing Robot and key components for total solution. HIWIN already serving its customers with key components for machine tools and automation, with the development of dual axis Direct Drive Rotary table equipped with HIWIN torque motor and cross roller bearing to provide the manufacturing industry with upgraded 5 axis machining capability and create more value-added to its customers. HIWIN is also the manufacturer with the most comprehensive range of robots, which offers customer smart and intelligent automation.
  • KOVA, KOVA, founded in 1987, initially produce metal cutting tools, such as special customize cutting tools, indexable inserts, and PCD diamond tools. While performing the cutting tool test, KOVA investigated the cutting condition and improved processing method for various materials to help customers in solving different kind of processing task, so that the market demands for subcontractor was growing quickly. Therefore, KOVA introduced successively different kind of advanced machining center to engage in the parts machining business since 1998. The parts machining business mainly covered Aerospace, Medical Industry, and Semi-conductors. KOVA started vertical integration from cutting tools to machine tools in year 2003, and developed a 2 meters large 5 axes gantry type machining center with linear drive together with ITRI. The prototype machine was exhibited at TIMTOS exhibition in 2009 and gained award of Eminence. After two years onsite operation verification, KOVA established machine tool division officially in 2011. KOVA has the ability of vertical integration the production line. Everything needed from the production line, which includes cutting tools, fixtures, CNC programing, CNC 5 axes machining center, and robotic arm, all can be designed and produced by KOVA.
  • Victor Taichung expects its new “smart factory” to generate annual revenue of NT$6 billion (US$189 million) after 2018. “In the long term, we expect the smart factory to generate sales of more than NT$10 billion,” Chairman Huang said. It would invest NT$3.5 billion on its smart factory in Taichung, with construction due to be completed in 2018. The facility with four production lines, which will also serve as the company’s headquarters, spans nearly 3.1 hectares at the Taichung Gateway Park. By deploying sensors and other equipment, Victor Taichung hopes to optimize manufacturing efficiency through “big data” analysis.
  • YCM, known for its aim at technological innovation, wins Supreme Excellence Award of Taiwan Machine Tools Industry Award 2017 with its latest product “NFP 500A-5AX-T Smart Multi-tasking Mill/Tum Machining Center.” The awarded 5-axis machining center with APC is designed to meet the high accuracy requirement of aerospace application and is capable of machine heat resistant metal such as titanium and inconel while increasing the tool life. This machine also feature iPros MX intelligent CNC Controller with the smart functions of optimizing machining efficiency, maximizing tool life and monitoring the health of the machines con Besides, with the new i-Direct IoT platform, shop managers and owners can easily track production status, manage factory utilization and monitor the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Tongtai In recent years, Tongtai has mainly focused on intelligent machine, hybrid additive manufacturing and aerospace parts manufacturing. With the concept of intelligent machine, Tongtai has developed TIMS (Tongtai Intelligence Manufacturing System) and TLM (Tongtai Line Management) so that operators can easily control production status in order to improve machining efficiency. Meanwhile, Tongtai has constantly developed multi-axes and multi-tasking machines, such as 5-axis horizontal machining center. It integrates software and hardware to meet the requirements of high flexibility which successfully brings Tongtai into another field – Aerospace Manufacturing.

In additive manufacturing, Tongtai has successfully developed the equipment of additive and hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing. Tongtai also teams with Optomec, manufacturer of 3D printed metals and electronics systems, on new hybrid additive manufacturing equipment. Looking into the future, Tongtai will provide more competitive product in metal 3D printing market.

  • ACCUTEX, was founded in 1991 by a group of engineers who shared the same forward-thinking ideas and were associated with a research plan created by the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Over the 25 years since then, the AccuteX team has been developing and refining cutting-edge wire cut EDM technologies that ensure that every AccuteX-branded product stands for high precision and advanced technology. AccuteX’s professional sales and support staff ensure that every stage of implementation, from initial pre-purchase cutting analysis to training and machine installation, proceeds smoothly. This comprehensive service reflects AccuteX’s business philosophy; service is part of our products. Precision is not only about measurements – it is at the heart of our culture.


  • Taiwan Product Application Demo Show


Visit 74C80, Pavilion 7, Hall 4 at Metalloobrabotka 2017 and seize the opportunity to explore world-class innovations and technologies from such leading Taiwanese manufacturers as APEC, ACCUTEX, DELTA, FEELER, HIWIN, KOVA and VICTOR TAICHUNG. 



  1. 28 universities from north to southern Taiwan have also formed a smart machinery university alliance to promote collaboration between academics and industry to train needed talent.
  1. The 5+2 innovative industries announced last August include green technology, smart machinery, aerospace and etc as five innovative industries. The two additional industries are new agriculture and circular economy.

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