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Taiwan Machine Tools Shaping the Future
Sept. 14th, 2016
Conference Room S402, Level 4, South Building, McCormick Place

The U.S. in particular has long been a prime destination for Taiwan-made machinery. The U.S. imported $378.81M of Taiwanese machine tools in 2015, making the US the second largest export market for Taiwanese machine tools for the past two years.

Pitching smart aerospace manufacturing& Industry 4.0

In order to take advantage of Industry 4.0, Taiwan government has approved a Productivity 4.0 Development Program that aims to support machine tool manufacturers in the production of aerospace components. The program aims to strengthen the industry value chain in intelligent manufacturing, products and services through customized production and seize opportunities in the US $5.2 trillion aerospace market.

To this end, leading manufacturers of Taiwan’s aerospace industry have signed contracts with the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s (ITRI) I-Team and the machine tool focused M-Team to jointly establish the A-I-M Aerospace Machine Tool Industry Technology Alliance. The alliance will forge cooperation between Taiwan’s aerospace and machine tool industries. The ultimate aim is to increase the added value of components for equipment made in Taiwan by more than 30%.
With sights set on the global aerospace industry, Taiwan has begun developing intelligent machine models capable of processing intricate designs autonomously. Its ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive aerospace production supply chain.

Taiwan machine tools have long been proven to be reliable, accurate and economical among industrial users from across the globe. These machines embody precision machining suitable for specific shaping and forming applications. Their growing presence in the aerospace industry has caught the attention of quite a few airplane builders in the U.S.