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Taiwan Smart Machinery | August 17, 2018

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Taiwan Machine Tools: Powering Indonesia’s Automotive Supply Chain with Smart Manufacturing

Taiwan Machine Tools: Powering Indonesia’s Automotive Supply Chain with Smart Manufacturing

Product Launch at Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 (Nov. 30th)

Hall A 3216-3317, Jakarta International Expo

Nov. 17, 2016 | Jakarta, Indonesia – Representatives of several world’s leading machine tools and accessories makers from Taiwan will present their latest products and innovations at the Taiwan Product Launch, which will take part in conjunction with the Product Application Demo Show during the Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 at the Jakarta International Expo Center. The events aim to enhance the local manufacturing sectors’ competitive edge, especially the automotive sector in Indonesia. Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs, and implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Coperate Synerngy Development Center (CSD), the product launch will serve as a major platform to showcase the best technologies that have been driving the metalworking market forward.

Mr. Simon Wang, the executative vice president of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, stressed that Taiwan has remained one of the major suppliers of machine tools to the Indonesia market in the past five years. Imports of Taiwan-made machine tools in 2015, for instance, reached 79.68 million, which made the nation Indonesia’s third biggest supplier of machine tools, accounting for 13.41% of its total annual imports, which value 594.197 million US dollars. Looking into the future, Taiwan will assume the role of a major supplier of machine tools and parts to the global market, particularly meeting increasing demands in Indonesia.

Taiwan’s machine tool development focuses mainly on machine centers and CNC lathes, and provides relatively better cost-performance ratios and quality on par with that from Japan, but at cost at only 85%. Of the total lathes and turning machines rolled out in the January-December period last year, Indonesia absorbed around US$ 76.88 million worth of such equipment. Taiwan accounted for 14.89% of the total, valuing at US$ 11.44 million. As for machining centers, Indonesia imported a total of USD$ 62.22 million during the same period, with Taiwan supplying 16.04% of its requirements in this regard, or some US$9.97 million. Exports of machining center from Taiwan to Indonesia were the 2nd highest last year, whereas exports of lathes and turning machines from Taiwan to Indonesia ranked 2nd highest in the year.

Against a global economic backdrop of what the head of the International Monetary Fund described as a “new mediocre” period of sluggish growth, the real GDP growth rate in Indonesia this year is predicted to go up slightly to 4.9 percent. This could partly be attributed to the move of the Indonesian government last April to release its 12th economic policy package, which was designed to attract fresh investment and spur market activities. The Indonesian government has listed vehicle manufacturing and assembly as a key industry for development in the next five years, hoping to become Southeast Asia’s largest center for vehicle assembly. The nation has also set its sights on promoting local manufacturing of auto parts and components, with forging, casting, and stamping processes being the main areas to boost growth in production of assorted metal goods.


Taiwan’s machine tools may be adopted in manufacturing of automobiles, aerospace vehicles, consumer electronics, molds, and various mechanical components.  Taiwanese machine tool companies have already proven themselves in the automobile industry through their provision of automated manufacturing cells and production lines, which comprise integrated machine tool and automation facilities (like robotic arms).

The Taiwan machine tool industry, with its host of metal processing/manufacturing technology and rich international service experience, can surely become an indispensable partner for Indonesia’s automobile parts processing and manufacturing companies. To facilitate partnership, the Taiwan Product Application Demo has invited 8 well-known Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers to demonstrate their respective auto part products and assembly techniques.

Products and manufacturing companies to be featured include Tongtai, who will showcase engine cylinder head; Honor Seiki, who will display brake discs, steering knuckles and wheel hubs for auto transmission systems; Chin Fong, who will present engine transmission shaft, car seat parts, and seat belt latch; YCM and Accutex, who will present auto lamp mold; and SEYI, who will showcase stamping process for large-sized auto sheet metal parts, such as A pillar, B pillar, and bumper.

The event will also focus on the current trend in automated processing, which may alleviate the impact of rising minimum wages in Indonesia. Taiwanese companies such as Hiwin Technologies and Chandox have been invited to demonstrate their automated manufacturing cells during the event.

All enterprises in the business of auto components and metal processing as well as those from Indonesia who are interested in knowing more about the Taiwan machine tool industry are encouraged to attend the event. The exhibition, to be held for 4 days, starts Nov. 30, 2016, 10am, at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran-Jakarta Hall A3 3216-3317. Let Taiwan’s high quality, well priced auto part manufacturing facilities and techniques forge profitable manufacturing solutions for Indonesia’s auto part processors and manufacturers.

Besides, visit the Taiwanese exhibitors’ display area at Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 and experience an unprecedented opportunity to explore world-class innovations and technologies from over 117 Taiwanese machine-related companies.

  • Taiwan Product Application Demo Show

Visit Hall A 3216-3317 at Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 and seize the opportunity to explore world-class innovations and technologies from such leading Taiwanese manufacturers as Tongtai, YCM, Victor Taichung, SEYI, CHIN Fong and Honor Seiki.

  •  8 leading Taiwanese machinery suppliers to present their latest innovations at the Product Application Demo Show:

AccuteX was founded in 1991 by a group of engineers who shared the same forward thinking ideas and were associated with a research plan created by the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Over the 25 years since then, the AccuteX team has been developing and refining cutting-edge wire cut EDM technologies that ensure that every AccuteX-branded product stands for high-precision and advanced technology. This unwavering commitment to innovation has given the company a uniquely competitive position in global markets. AccuteX’s professional sales and support staff ensure that every stage of implementation, from initial pre-purchase cutting analysis to training and machine installation, proceeds smoothly.

Chandox Precision Industrial has over 30 years experience of designing and manufacturing high-quality CNC machine chucks. The company’s advanced production facilities and stringent quality management have made its products the first choice for a number of the world’s largest machine tool manufacturers. In addition to supplying its own products, Chandox also provides specialist OEM/ ODM services, while its outstanding quality and trusted after-sales services are recognized by customers in Taiwan and around the world.

CHIN FONG, since 1948, devotes to mechanical press machine development. In recent years, we successfully manufacture servo press, 3200 tons hot forging press and knuckle-joint press. Slide motion curve on conventional press is limited by fixed mechanism, it could not be changed. The servo press is driven by servo motor; the slide motion curve is changeable and controllable to be used on different kinds of stamping conditions by programming. It makes all kinds of stamping in one press machine possible! As new demands for automobile parts are raised rapidly. Chin Fong’s hot forging press has accurate and stable stamping bottom dead point to forge the precise parts. The capacity 3200 tons has been developed now.

HIWIN was founded in Taiwan in 1989. It is one of the largest motion control and system technology manufacturers and leading brands in the world. The name “HIWIN” implies that its customers are “High-tech Winner.” HIWIN is a global company with more than 4,200 employees. Its headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan. It has subsidiaries around the world, including those in Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, Czech, Singapore, Korea, and China. Focusing on innovation, HIWIN has more than 350 R&D staff members around the world to integrate state-of-the-art technologies and help manufacture high precision products in Taiwan. Its main products include ballscrews, linear guideways, motors and drive, linear actuators, industrial robots, medical robots, rotary table, etc.

HONOR SEIKI, established in 1987, the name stands for the most dedicative machine tool builder that only designs and builds CNC vertical turning lathe, turning center and gantry type turn-mill machine in Taiwan. With accumulated expertise, HONOR has been internationally recognized by our customers in different industries for our capability of accommodate them with the most advanced vertical turning solutions. Ensure quality and precision are just HONOR’s daily routines, satisfied customers is the only factor that sustain HONOR’s consecutive development. Provide with our experiences in automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and associated industries, HONOR will be your most faithful and trustworthy partner in progress. HONOR is not just a machine builder, HORNO is solution provider. From space shuttle to submarine, HONOR can make your job more efficient and accurate!

SEYI, founded in 1962, has established a global leadership position in the metal forming industry over the past 50 years. SEYI manufactures mechanical presses, ranging in size from 25 to 4000 tons, our manufacturer facilities are located in Taiwan as well as in China. SEYI is expanding its Total Solution Service emphasizing peripherals such as feed mechanisms, transfer equipment and other to maximize SEYI press productivity. SEYI’s products are sold to customers in over 50 countries around the world, and have supplied the world’s leading car companies in the automobile industry, the auto, aviation machinery and medical equipment industries are expected to be future areas of growth. SEYI has received numerous quality and industry awards, including the Gold Award at the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards.

TONGTAI, incorporated in 1969, specializes in CNC lathes, machine centers, special process machines, and turn-key solutions. The company works closely with a Japanese R&D team to provide customers with new models that feature higher precision and quality. It is devoted to R&D and places great emphasis on raising the technical standards and precision of its products. Today, it is Taiwan’s No. 1 and world’s No. 2 supplier of PCB drillers, with products sold to South Korea, Singapore, and several Southeast Asian countries. The company is developing automated production lines for brake components, and has two production lines in operation since 2012.

YCM (Yeong Chin Machinery), was founded in 1954 and has over 60 years experience of specialist manufacturing technologies for the machine tool industry. YCM was the first Taiwan-based manufacturer to earn government certification for the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, and this commitment to quality continues today. YCM remains focused on its core values of quality, technology, service and punctual delivery. Our production, assembly, technology and warehouse facilities located in Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Europe, as well as our network of more than 50 global service locations, allow us to provide the highest quality products and services to customers all over the world.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact Jakarta Taiwan Trade Center at (62) 21 – 5741102, or email:


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