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Taiwan Smart Machinery | August 17, 2018

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Tahun peralatan mesin mungkin takkan buruk: TMBA

2016-09-26 |

Ekspor peralatan mesin mungkin menurun lebih sedikit daripada yang diperkirakan tahun ini di balik pesanan potensial dari AS, demikian informasi dari Asosiasi Pembangun Peralatan Mesin dan Aksesori Taiwan (TMBA, 台灣工具機暨零組件公會) pada hari Jumat.

Pengiriman keluar untuk sepanjang tahun ini mungkin akan menurun sebesar satu digit persentase saja dibandingkan tahun lalu, kata sekretaris umum asosiasi, Carl Huang (黃建中), melalui telepon.

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Taiwan to Announce Industry 4.0 Projects at IMTS 2016

2016-09-10 |

CHICAGO – Leaders of Taiwan’s machine tool industry will unveil a series of smart manufacturing initiatives for applications ranging from aircraft part machining to automotive component production at a press conference on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at Chicago’s McCormick Place. More than 110 Taiwanese companies will also be exhibiting at the show from Sept. 12-17, including 19 in the Taiwan Pavilion, reflecting the country’s status as the world’s fifth largest exporter of machine tools and components.

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YCM, CNC Systems Add U.S. Distributor

2016-01-19 |


Hales Machine Tool will represent YCM’s imported machines in a number of states in the Midwest and elsewhere.

News Item From: 1/18/2016 Modern Machine Shop, Edited by Jedd Cole ,

Yeong Chin Machine Tools (YCM; Tustin, California), in partnership with its importer, CNC Systems (Kennebunk, Maine), have signed an exclusive agreement with Hales Machine Tool Inc. (Plymouth, Minnesota) to represent its full lineup in Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska.

“Hales Machine Tool brings a reputation in this region of outstanding sales, but most importantly a service-oriented network which put their customers’ needs first. When we select distributors to represent us, this is exactly what we look for,” a spokesman from YCM/CNC Systems says.

Tim Hales, Hales vice president, adds that “Hales Machine Tool is enthusiastic about representing YCM products in our territory of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Western Wisconsin. They import a wide variety of machine tools that fit our customers’ needs.”


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Taiwan Looks to Change Its Tech Industry Focus

2016-01-08 |


BOG – In this article by Tim Ferry for TOPICS, he describes how Taiwan is looking to change the focus of its tech industry, from supply chain of IT hardware, to a  more IoT oriented industry. This way it could maintain its competitiveness and wouldn’t be so vulnerable to global economical crisis. Baca selengkapnya

Video: Controlling Microstructure to Vary Material Properties in AM

2016-01-08 |


How far does the design freedom of additive manufacturing go? We typically think of this in terms of geometric freedom, with additive making it easy to grow components with complex external and internal forms. Then there is material freedom, as additive makes it practical to work with certain metals that would be difficult to use any other way. Baca selengkapnya

In Taiwan’s Machine-Tool Industry, Contract Workers Do More than Scrape By

2015-12-09 |

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN—The factory floor of Dah Lih machinery in Taichung, Taiwan is massive, clean and busy, with metalworking, assembly and inspection of machine tool components. Most of the workers are in the company uniform of a button-down short-sleeve shirt with the company logo. Most, but not all. One is intently hand-scraping the guideways of a five-axis machining center and wearing a white t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. In this area of the factory are a few others, similarly attired and also doing the all-important work of hand-scraping hard, flat metal surfaces. Baca selengkapnya

3 Great Buniness Opportunities in the IoT era: IEK

2015-11-13 |

TAIPEI, Taiwan — According to survey of the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), the business opportunity of Internet of Things (IoT) lies in healthcare, smart management and smart manufacturing. The center said that these three domains drive the associate IoT platforms, Asus and Advantech are two local big names in the field. Baca selengkapnya

The 8 Best Coffee Cities Around the World

2015-09-04 |

For those who love it, coffee isn’t just nice jolt of caffeine — it’s a necessary day-starter. Coffee culture is deeply related to café culture, but the two are actually entirely different entities that operate separately. There are cities like Paris that … Baca selengkapnya

Hon Hai 31st on Fortune 500 list of biggest firms

2015-07-23 |

TAIPEI — Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (鴻海) moved up one notch to 31st on the 2015 Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the world, while three other Taiwanese enterprises reentered the rankings this year.

In total, eight … Baca selengkapnya

Conheça as empresas de Taiwan presentes na FEIMAFE 2015

2015-05-18 |

Conheça as empresas de Taiwan presentes na FEIMAFE 2015

Tanto dentro quanto fora do Pavilhão de Taiwan, companhias apresentam experiência, qualidade e parcerias com grandes marcas mundiais de diversos setores

As empresas de máquinas … Baca selengkapnya