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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 19, 2018

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Honor Seiki vertical lathes enter the European high-speed rail alliance

Honor Seiki vertical lathes enter the European high-speed rail alliance
Taiwan Smart Machinery

Honor Seiki vertical lathes enter the European high-speed rail alliance

(ChinaTimes) Throughout Honor Seiki’s chairman Song-tian Chen’s 36 years in the machine tool industry, he has always been focused on the vertical lathes and milling machine centers R&D. Chen has successfully enter the markets of more than 40 countries worldwide. Whenever industry customers are experiencing high technical difficulties, complex tasks, Honor Seiki is the first candidate in mind for solution, and a model manufacturing expert in the Taiwan vertical lathe production industry.

It is worth mentioning that Honor Seiki followed success from entering the global aerospace, military defense, energy development, and wind power and other high-end industries, and recently have secured Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-speed rail train wheels vertical lathe big purchase order of US$ 5 million. Shipments are expected to start going out in 2015 and enter the production line of European high-speed rail wheel. This is the first time Taiwan machine tools entered the European high-speed rail alliance, and Honor Seiki’s accomplishment is the pride of Taiwan.

Because of Chen’s focus and determination, Honor Seiki has become the industry leader under the flagship of excellence in business philosophy, led to a long list of repeat customers. Within the last 8 years, the company has created a business miracle in which the company revenue grew 20 times, highly compelling in the Taiwan machine tool industry. This story has been cited as material for how to manage business, but Chen remains humbled and continues to work hard and sustain investment in new models R&D and market development.

Honor Seiki’s latest CNC gantry milling, grinding machining center PL-350CM, standing 3.5 meters high, is the largest machine tool ever assembled. Though it comes with a heavy price tag, it is made ideal for the mining, petroleum, wind power, large-scale processing equipment and other industry. Because of the most advanced full stroke Y-axis milling machine runs with a higher accuracy then the industry average. The large size of the machine also helps in reducing the processing time by as much as 50% when compared to the traditional models, and can definitely help customers accelerate the account payable time for their investment costs. This new giant machine tool has caused quite a sensation and Honor Seiki’s peak looks to follow as a well-known British electrical equipment industry procurement buyer has already shown interest in it.

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