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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 16, 2018

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Hiwin Technologies Aims at Developing Medical Equipment

Hiwin Technologies Aims at Developing Medical Equipment

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Hiwin Technologies (Hiwin) aims at developing medical equipment, the goal is to delivery 1000 units of Hiwin robotic gait training system MRG-P100 series per month. After registering as a manufacturer to sell medical devices in European Union (EU), the company will register that of in China later this month.

According to Hiwin, features of the MRG-P100 series are as follows: Providing automatic therapy,l ength-adjustable exoskeleton, mimics human walking, user friendly interface, and offering multiple color options.

Furthermore, the RG-P100 electromechanical system provides all the essential features to carry out clinical gait training. The training system improves the walking ability in patients which suffer from neuromuscular disorders. This medical device provides a solution for gait rehabilitation therapy for out-patients as well as in-patients.

Nevertheless, the RG-P100 offers basic training modality to improve the training efficiency for non-ambulatory patients and ambulatory patients. The robotic gait orthoses assist in the walking movements of gait impaired patients whether the cause of impairment be cerebral, spinal, neurogenic, muscular, osseous, or sarcopenia.

Source said that as the rising delivery of Hiwin industrial robot including medical equipment, which will contribute 15 percent of revenue at the second quarter.



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