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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 20, 2018

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Construct the world with little parts─YINSH PRECISION

Construct the world with little parts─YINSH PRECISION
Taiwan Smart Machinery

YINSH PRECISION professionally produces fine-balanced locknuts and creates its own brand “YINSH" for marketing. In response to international market trends, YINSH invests funds to complete modern technology factory buildings and the upgrading of equipment. Besides the advanced automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment and precision nuts metrology laboratory, YINSH also sets up its own testing laboratory for precision nuts to ensure the product’s quality and development.

YINSH PRECISION is devoted to product research and development, and also pays special attention to staff development and training. Based on trainees of Vocational Training Centers, YINSH expects its employees to identify with the company philosophy and be gathered together with coherence through a planned and organized internal training and constant self-enhancement.

YINSH PRECISION implements the manufacture product examination, increasing of the process, improvement of the equipment, and gradually achieves the requirements for eco-friendly alternative energy year after year to maintain the quality of every nut before shipping it out. Internally, YINSH pays attention to self-improvement and product manufacturing technology, and continues to get better; externally, it brings out the after-sales service principle with a high standard and creates international competitiveness through its product with high quality and a reasonable price. YINSH stabilizes the market and expands its brand.


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