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Taiwan Smart Machinery | August 17, 2018

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Machine Tools – Yeong Chin

Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd.

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Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1954, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. (also known as YCM) specializes in machine tools manufacturing. YCM machine tools have been recognized worldwide for superior precision, outstanding reliability and exceptional rigidity. Today there are more than 70 makes and models fulfilling the industry’s diverse requirements. With 60 years of machine tool manufacturing experience, YCM has established a strong foundation in the field of machinery.
With the core values of quality, technology, service, and delivery time, YCM offers customers remarkable products, perfect service, and punctual delivery time.

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    • Location : Taichung, Taiwan
    • Address : No. 888, Sec. 1, Homu Road, Shengang District, Taichung 42953, Taiwan
    • TEL : +886-4-2562-3211
    • FAX : +886-4-2562-6479
    • website :
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